Waking Up with Unexplained Scratches on your Body


What Do Unexplained Scratches Mean?

My research shows that these scratches usually  mostly come in threes, and appear on the back,  chest , arms, legs, below the belly and face. a Along with scratches, people also experience mysterious bite marks and inexplicable bruising. They seem to appear at times in our lives when temptation is near or when we’re facing a big decision. or when at high point of becoming successful on long term project, career or something good. 

These scratches have a distinct meaning: “destruction” or “destroy.” You’ll notice that this phenomenon doesn’t restrict itself to one country, but rather has afflicted many around the world! You are not crazy, nor are you alone. This actually a sign to let you know that you have been marked. these are evil mark for potential destruction. 

Take a look at the items in your house: pictures on the wall, wooden furniture, or metal objects such as your stove and sink. You will maybe notice large scratches, but those are mostly man made. However, some time when you’re alone, look closer. Real close. Focus in on all the itty bitty scratches in the material. These are symbols. Here are what some of them mean:

  • Ξ means destruction or to destroy.
  • € has two meanings: incompletion and separation.
  • Also look for the letter “F” which means fall. This is commonly found on doors and even bodies.

These scratches will appear on your driver’s license and credit or bank cards. Just take a few minutes to really look. I think you will find that I am speaking the Truth.

These scratches are marks used to summon demons of destruction.  They Act as laser guide 

Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him” ( Gen 4:15)  God put a mark to summon angel of protection on cain, Satan uses spiritual marks or scratches to summon demons of destruction.

The Mark of Cain, or simply The Mark for short, was the seal created in order to lock away The Darkness. To Lucifer, Learned from God and twist it to use marks as the source of The Blade’s power

Just like the local municipal that wants to demolish building they put marks and summon destroyers to destroy it .

The Chinese character ‘chai’, meaning destroy, is drawn on a building marked for destruction

These scratches are demons’ art, and they are trying to create loss in your life. The great news is that these demon scratches and “spells” being placed on  you can be stopped and uprooted  out of your life. at the end of this article I will show you few ways to avoid this loss of life or career you are about to face. 


Once you have been marked, Its just a matter of time before the day of the destruction takes place. It depends on what must have been activated in your life.  you must seek help as soon as possible from a proper prophet who specialises in deliverance.  A proper born again prophet.  Like Prophet Climate where I have over 19 years in specialised deliverance Ministry. 

This is something that happens all the time, but is rarely discussed. Thanks to the Internet, though, people who observe unusual occurrences, like waking up with scratches somewhere on their bodies, are starting to talk to each other. And there are a lot of us, and we know the same thing is happening to many people .

The scratches, if not self-inflicted, are definitely demonic. There have been thousands of these afflictions in the past and 90% have demonic origin.

While the scratches on their own were weird, what drives suspicion was the fact that they appeared in patterns. Sometimes there were three cat-like scratch marks, just deep enough to see red, but not deep enough to draw blood. Sometimes there was one horizontal line with two vertical lines crossing the center. They would always burn then totally disappear a short time later, only to appear somewhere else on my body.

These were times drowned in confusion and chaos, so much so that the atmosphere seemed to get foggy or hazy. As these scratches appeared more and more, things became clearer. These mysterious scratches had a meaning, a purpose. They were meant to cause chaos, confusion and ultimately destroy us. In a nutshell: demons placed these marks on our bodies.

The three parallel scratches are a symbol that means “Destroy.” The target that is to be destroyed is you. God tells us that the devils go to and fro, seeking whom they may devour.


  1. The only answer to stopping is total go through Powerful  spiritual deliverance within 7 days after receiving the mark, You must get a powerful prayer 
  2. You surrender to Jesus Christ.
  3. You Must Pray and declare Isaiah 54:17  Immediately  X7 times
  4. As quick as possible you must get all door of death opened to you closed. I have a special book that has powerful prayer point for you to use. Its also available for instant download in audio book or e-book format get it now by clicking this link
  5. If you had an offer of something that following day  or going for special meeting postpone it. If You have no peace about it .
  6. Psalms 91 Must be declared For 49 Days Every Evening before you go to bed .
  7. Use the Miracle Park to decontaminate you from every evil spirit  : http://bishopclimate.me/products/Miracle-Pack 




The one who released the goat as the scapegoat shall wash his clothesand bathe his body with water; then afterward he shall come into the camp.  ( Levi 13:26) 


Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: [1 Peter 5:8]

There is Biblical evidence of this, and it can be overcome. Don’t just  go to any priest for prayer you need an expert; they will just tie you up in religious jargon. Contact us for More Information

8 Replies to “Waking Up with Unexplained Scratches on your Body”

    1. Dear Doris,
      I see the dark doors that the enemy has used to block your destiny. I have now dispatched an email with special instructions on how to unlock your destiny. I will need to give you a special key to open up your life. (Revelation 3:7) Contact me asap

  1. Dear prophet..I need to know where my life is heading. About my health, my success, my business life and also with my love life.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi ! George,

      I have written to you I hope you read my mail. Its important I hear from you I have urgent information about your life. be blessed

      Please contact me asap Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449
      (WHATSAPP Number) +44 7448 583480

  2. I really need some help. For years in my apartment I have experienced many many times what doctors call sleep paralysis. However, friends who have slept here experience the same thing and won’t sleep here again. I have woke up with scratches, hear loud banging on the walls. I am afraid to go to my pastor at church and ask him to bless my home. I’m afraid he will think I’m a nut job. I’m scared and need help. I have tried smudging with sage but it seems to make things worse.

    1. Dear Jamie,
      After serious prayer over your situation there 2 things that are happening in your life
      1. Your House is Haunted
      2. There Is demonic altar in your apartment
      This must be broken and your house sanctified . I have Holy water to sanctify your house. If you own the place we can help to repossess the spiritual ownership of the property. If not you better move out. I can be able to help you to keep you safe until you move out apart from that you will end up been paralysed. Serious prayers are needed I recommend a special deliverance . I have emailed you please call me on +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668

  3. I had I strange dream of my significant other acting cold towards me and me sad and crying. Now this morning he seems to be acting different towards me. This morning I noticed 3 scratches on my right shoulder. One was overlapping another. So I google it and found this page. When I finished readings everything I went to the bathroom to check my scratches and they were completely gone. Oh and A woman came up to me and said she was a Psychic . She said she was drawn towards me and I did not trust her. What could all this be?

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      You did the right thing, by reading this article as soon as you could. It means that your enemies have backed off because of this powerful connection, but now they are on assignment. You need to contact me because by this time you read this they have figured another way to try and destroy your life. contact me on +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668 I have also email you

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