Waking Up with Unexplained Scratches on your Body

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What Do Unexplained Scratches Mean?

My research shows that these scratches usually  mostly come in threes, and appear on the back,  chest , arms, legs, below the belly and face. a Along with scratches, people also experience mysterious bite marks and inexplicable bruising. They seem to appear at times in our lives when temptation is near or when we’re facing a big decision. or when at high point of becoming successful on long term project, career or something good. 

These scratches have a distinct meaning: “destruction” or “destroy.” You’ll notice that this phenomenon doesn’t restrict itself to one country, but rather has afflicted many around the world! You are not crazy, nor are you alone. This actually a sign to let you know that you have been marked. these are evil mark for potential destruction. 

Take a look at the items in your house: pictures on the wall, wooden furniture, or metal objects such as your stove and sink. You will maybe notice large scratches, but those are mostly man made. However, some time when you’re alone, look closer. Real close. Focus in on all the itty bitty scratches in the material. These are symbols. Here are what some of them mean:

  • Ξ means destruction or to destroy.
  • € has two meanings: incompletion and separation.
  • Also look for the letter “F” which means fall. This is commonly found on doors and even bodies.

These scratches will appear on your driver’s license and credit or bank cards. Just take a few minutes to really look. I think you will find that I am speaking the Truth.

These scratches are marks used to summon demons of destruction.  They Act as laser guide 

Then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him” ( Gen 4:15)  God put a mark to summon angel of protection on cain, Satan uses spiritual marks or scratches to summon demons of destruction.

The Mark of Cain, or simply The Mark for short, was the seal created in order to lock away The Darkness. To Lucifer, Learned from God and twist it to use marks as the source of The Blade’s power

Just like the local municipal that wants to demolish building they put marks and summon destroyers to destroy it .

Prophet Climate Ministries the-chinese-character-chai-meaning-destroy-is-drawn-on-a-building-EB2KRB-300x221 Waking Up with Unexplained Scratches on your Body

The Chinese character ‘chai’, meaning destroy, is drawn on a building marked for destruction

These scratches are demons’ art, and they are trying to create loss in your life. The great news is that these demon scratches and “spells” being placed on  you can be stopped and uprooted  out of your life. at the end of this article I will show you few ways to avoid this loss of life or career you are about to face. 


Once you have been marked, Its just a matter of time before the day of the destruction takes place. It depends on what must have been activated in your life.  you must seek help as soon as possible from a proper prophet who specialises in deliverance.  A proper born again prophet.  Like Prophet Climate where I have over 19 years in specialised deliverance Ministry. 

This is something that happens all the time, but is rarely discussed. Thanks to the Internet, though, people who observe unusual occurrences, like waking up with scratches somewhere on their bodies, are starting to talk to each other. And there are a lot of us, and we know the same thing is happening to many people .

The scratches, if not self-inflicted, are definitely demonic. There have been thousands of these afflictions in the past and 90% have demonic origin.

While the scratches on their own were weird, what drives suspicion was the fact that they appeared in patterns. Sometimes there were three cat-like scratch marks, just deep enough to see red, but not deep enough to draw blood. Sometimes there was one horizontal line with two vertical lines crossing the center. They would always burn then totally disappear a short time later, only to appear somewhere else on my body.

These were times drowned in confusion and chaos, so much so that the atmosphere seemed to get foggy or hazy. As these scratches appeared more and more, things became clearer. These mysterious scratches had a meaning, a purpose. They were meant to cause chaos, confusion and ultimately destroy us. In a nutshell: demons placed these marks on our bodies.

The three parallel scratches are a symbol that means “Destroy.” The target that is to be destroyed is you. God tells us that the devils go to and fro, seeking whom they may devour.


  1. The only answer to stopping is total go through Powerful  spiritual deliverance within 7 days after receiving the mark, You must get a powerful prayer 
  2. You surrender to Jesus Christ.
  3. You Must Pray and declare Isaiah 54:17  Immediately  X7 times
  4. As quick as possible you must get all door of death opened to you closed. I have a special book that has powerful prayer point for you to use. Its also available for instant download in audio book or e-book format get it now by clicking this link
  5. If you had an offer of something that following day  or going for special meeting postpone it. If You have no peace about it .
  6. Psalms 91 Must be declared For 49 Days Every Evening before you go to bed .
  7. Use the Miracle Park to decontaminate you from every evil spirit  : http://bishopclimate.me/products/Miracle-Pack 




Prophet Climate Ministries Prophet-Climate-Deliverance-Program--300x181 Waking Up with Unexplained Scratches on your Body

The one who released the goat as the scapegoat shall wash his clothesand bathe his body with water; then afterward he shall come into the camp.  ( Levi 13:26) 


Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: [1 Peter 5:8]

There is Biblical evidence of this, and it can be overcome. Don’t just  go to any priest for prayer you need an expert; they will just tie you up in religious jargon. Contact us for More Information

33 Replies to “Waking Up with Unexplained Scratches on your Body”

  1. I wake up with large bite marks on my face and head! Since i was 7 years old! They aren’t pimples, these are big open wounds…bite marks! Sometimes they don’t go away for months ! Please help me and send the holy spirit .

  2. I woke up with two scratches on my shoulder near my neck in need to know if it demon scratches or my restless tossing and turning.

  3. Hello Man of God
    Please help me to pray..each day of my life i wake up with scratches on some part of my stomach…and it started a long time ago..
    Please Help me in Prayers .Thank you

    1. Please help me I have a presence in my house it has me feeling that I don’t want anyone over it shows itself to family and visitors there is this sound of geko and cricket calling out please help pray

  4. The day before yesterday I had two red scratch marks on my face, i didn’t know how they got there, they were there for a whole day and then I put cream on them. Yesterday they vanished, like they were never there, does this mean I’m marked by an evil demon? If I am what can I do to get rid of it?

  5. I had a spiritual awakening 2 weeks ago. God showed me my true purpose in life and that evil has had me my whole life. I prayed and my drug obsession was gone. The very next day I became very sick. Ive been so sick since. Last night I saw shadows all over my house even in my face. I fell asleep and woke up with a deep v cut on my face and upside down vs slashed on my chest. I looked and all over my door are the 3 slashes u talk about. I’m now in extreme pain throughout my whole body and headache. Help

  6. sir,
    three weeks ago i woke up with a wishbone scratch to my forearm and three scratches to my bicep, left arm.
    week later two little scratches to the bicep.
    last night a scratch to the forehead.
    not sure how it is happening.
    i am available this week.

  7. Hi everyone im 16 years old since i was 7 i have seen this figure he said his name is johnny and this is his wifes house im not crazy so please tell me something please just something i can do that will help or make them leave me alone they hurt me and make me do things that i dont want to do he wants me to give him my little brother so he can leave but i cant do that so every night that i go to bed he hurts me and my mom or nobady here can see him just me but now im scared and i dont understand why its me and niot someone else he makes me walk outside and look at the bridge his wife killed herself on my name is trinity lawson he calls me trinny

  8. My Name is Monique my place is Haunted i want to move out my Toronto Housing because cheaper then going somewhere rent going be higher People’s want move even own mother doesn’t move out my Toronto Community Housing is witchcraft relationship money problems if see things or unreal that is me for sure. menstrual period stop at age 34 year old and i am 45 year old seen myself pregnant have baby boy and the angel came to me like Mary that you going have son. already have one daughter she 18 year old but she live with mom as grandmother.

  9. Dear Prophet,

    Please pray for me for my carrer and also most of times I wake up with dark marks on my skin, my thigh and arms and sometimes scraches

  10. Prophet i need help i have prayed and seek spiritual guidance but my situation has not averted. I am still separated from my wife and children since November 2018

  11. I need help sir,to break demonic forces around my daddy’s business.they are fighting seriously even the school my dad owns is nothing to write home about.

  12. I need help to be free from demonic attacks , my husband has a child outside and that child mother is working witchcraft to cause chaos in my marriage. I want Jehovah to put her to death let she pay for all the wickedness she has done to my family

  13. Greetings Prophets,
    I woke up this morning with 5 scratches on my face and last night I was dreaming about laughing babies with three girls one boy they were all laughing babies and then I was sitting on a bed and sitting in front of some glass sliding doors and as I looked up at the sky there was some white racing it was some white horses with neon blue around them they was racing out of the sky and they was coming to me but they end up hitting the glass they still end up coming in but when they came in the house they disappeared I just want you to pray for me because I know I’m experiencing some type of demonic attacks thank you.

  14. This is going to be long, because unexplainable things have been happening for well over 10 years. I had a very unexplainable event happen to me at 11 years old, i am 60 now, and still remember that day like yesterday. Ill share that event last.
    I am sitting here in bed at 7am writing this. My back is burning, i asked my hudband to take a look at my back and there were the infamous 3 vertical scratches he had seen before all too often over the past 10 years. We have taken pictures a couple times of them and they are MOST DEFINETELY not in a place i can reach (tmi may be necessary! We do not scratch, EVER during sex. Nevermind waking up and having sex in the middle of the night! Sorry folks!) I had taken a nap yesterday and at 10:00pm i found myself wide awake. I got up and tinkered about and went back to bed around 12am. So this happened between midnight and 5am (the time i woke up.)
    I am a very religious woman. I pray multiple times in a day, i have known God even before my parents or anyone else taught me. It was innately known to me of God, Jesus and the holy spirit before age 4. So, i have been praying to the 3 in ONE my entire life.
    10 years ago, i lost people that were very very dear to me. They were my support system. My mother, grandmother, stepdad, brother and my best friend (i even lost my 2 dogs! One of which was that ONE dog people say sometime you are lucky to have.) All in less than a year. Needless to say, this was a very traumatic year for me. I cried A LOT, but never wavered from my love for GOD. I prayed, still, multiple times a day, and during this time even more.) I was not the type of praying person who prayed for myself, GOD knows this. I felt guilty to pray for me, but i am an educated woman (have 2 bachelor degrees i obtained simultaneously while working and raising a family with a great husband and 3 active children. I wish i had that energy again!!) So, now i can tell you all of these “happenings” were not only happening to me, but others i loved and i have moved twice since and these occurences seem to be “traveling” with me.
    All in my home have heard their name called (7 in total) when no one else was in the house and clear as a bell(myself included & my husband twice.) Unexplained knocking on the ceiling was constant in the first house. Everyone i knew who came to visit experienced this, it was that cinsistent. When i moved 3 years ago, my husband and several others heard the knocking nouses again, all too similar to the years of knocking at my old address over 2000 miles away. I have moved again recently and have not heard the knocking since (i moved 7 months ago.) Although i spend a lot if time home, i have heard footsteps in the home when no one is here. This i never experienced before.
    During the first 7 years in the hime 2000 miles away, many unexplained phonemenon happened to me. I will just list them here quickly: 1.i cried one night (i missed everyone sooo much!) as quietly as i could so not to wake my husband, i felt the blankets moving on there own, which stopped my crying, alerting me to what in the world was going on! I lifted only my head and i ACTUALLY watched the covers slowly moving DOWN from me, as if to remove them.
    2. I was helping my daughter (in highschool) with her homework and felt a hand wrapping around my shoulder. I thought it was my daughter at first. I asked her (it was not her)and she knew of the unexplained incidents (she experienced them as well as my other 2 children) we stopped what we were doing immedietely (at the time we were at the computer.
    3. My dog died (the one i was very close to) and “lived AGAIN!” Crazy as it sounds, my husband had to carry our dog down the stairs for many months because of kidney failure. That afternoon, i was in my bedroom and my husband called up to me and said “you better get down here. “Name of our dog” died! I hurried down the stairs and crouched down putting my beloved pets head in my lap, crying and rocking back and forth. I cried out to GOD, PLEASE, PLEASE I NEVER GOT TO SAY GOODBYE…PLEASE DEAR LORD! My dog got up as if nothing was wrong! My husband freaked out! But i just hugged my dog and craddled his head while he stood in front of me thanking GOD for bringing him back. He lived 6 more hours and died in my lap comfortably. I thanked GOD for giving us those 6 more hours. To me, this was a miracle!
    4. I was at a nearby mall. Everyone i came in contact with that day seemed to notice me. I got compliments from strangers like no other day i was alive! It was a very special and happy day for me. I sat down at the movie theater and called my husband and while i spoke to him i experienced a temporal vortex. As i rewatched a series of 6 ordinary events i stopoed talking to my husband. I was dumbfounded. He of course asked me if i was ok. After the events were over (again! I saw them twice) i explained to him what had happened. Of course there was no explanation for it. When i got to my car, i called a very dear old friend and shared what had happened and she immediately started searching on the internet. She could not find anything. But i did. I experienced some brief time travel reliving “maybe” 5 minutes of my life at that theater where i sat. The internet called it a temporal vortex. I still am bewildered! This never happened again.
    5. While at a chiropractors office i saw an apparition..(spelling? I believed it to be an angel) while lying on my back, a translucent sweet faced (i did not know if it was male or female) person appeared less than 2 feet from me, parralel to me. They were caught by surprise, its face looking quite shocked i could see them. No wings, but brwn wavey hair and a whitish long gown, all translucent blowing in the breeze (there was no breeze or fan!) Just a couple feet above me. I can still see them like it was yesterday! This happened about 7 years ago.
    6. This has happened to me many times and i do believe its telated to the scratches. I am a still sleeper (i dont toss and turn at all, EVER) yet almost every morning the blankets are in some dianol position, like someone was pulling at them. Many times i wake up with these 3 scratches. On many occasions (and i think this is just crazy!!) I have turned over with blankets exposing my nude bottom(i know tmi!) And my pjs are all twisted about. I dont wear underwear to bed, but i do occasionally, only to find them pulled down. Ok tmi again!! But hey! YOU TELL ME!! i seldom have the big O, ALMOST NEVER! But i have awoken many times to the big O, with no one touching me and blankets exposed. So, PLEASE, YOU TELL ME! LOL
    7. My dogs follow “things” and bark at no one, many times. A 4 year old told us there was a man in our room, descibing my dead brother in detail. My son in highscool at the time, calked me and asked if i was just there at home. I was visuting my mother at the time and had been there for hours! He not only heard a womans voice call his name twice in the empty house, but saw a woman walking away and then just vanish into thin air. He was so scared, he left immediately (he was driving at the time, so i believe he as 17 or 18 years old and had the freedom of coming and going. He did not need permission to leave or drive. Everyone in the house has “misplaced” things…countless times this has happened to everyone at my home. “I put it here!” I have heard this soooo many times, myself included. We look for the missing item only to go back to the original place it was put, and that is ALWAYS the first place we look, and its mysteriously back where it was placed to begin with. I have been pushed down the stairs twice, once with a birthday cake in hand with over 30 people watching me. All said who pushed you?!! Its quite different when you fall, i felt the push and my body “reacted” as if someone pushed me while all watched! Everyone was waiting to sing so they all witnessed my being pushef, yet all were downstairs and no one else was there behind me or in any part of our house. Somehow i managed to save the lit birthday cake! Till this day people talk about that and said my house was haunted. But it follows me. I was pushed in my new home 2000 miles away. There’s more to tell…HELP.

    1. Dear Doris,
      I see the dark doors that the enemy has used to block your destiny. I have now dispatched an email with special instructions on how to unlock your destiny. I will need to give you a special key to open up your life. (Revelation 3:7) Contact me asap

  15. Hi prophet climate I’m writing to u because this morning I had a dream that I was walking alone I couldn’t tell if it was a beach or lake because I kept on walking and all of a sudden something snatched me into the water what it was I don’t know everything happened super fast whatever it was it kept spending me around in a circle I would say I was terrified because I didn’t understand what was happening or why that was happening to me all I know is I started repenting of my sins and started praying to God while I was going through what I was going through in the water mind u I was sitting on what ever had me I never was in the water I was sitting on water ever took me into the water but when I began to pray after repenting I got thrown on land standing straight up on harm so bruises nothing broken mind u it’s not often that I dream at all or remember my dreams but this morning I remember this dream but later on this Monday evening I took a nap and woke up I went downstairs and set to my sister’s kitchen table we began talking and I notice I felt a little pain on my right arm so when I looked at my arm 4long scratches on my arm what does this means??? I haven’t had this with the scratches in a minute!!!

  16. I woke up with some marks, like a forged fork. I dont know whats wrong in my life. It is as if things have slowed down.

  17. Dear prophet..I need to know where my life is heading. About my health, my success, my business life and also with my love life.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi ! George,

      I have written to you I hope you read my mail. Its important I hear from you I have urgent information about your life. be blessed

      Please contact me asap Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449
      (WHATSAPP Number) +44 7448 583480

  18. I really need some help. For years in my apartment I have experienced many many times what doctors call sleep paralysis. However, friends who have slept here experience the same thing and won’t sleep here again. I have woke up with scratches, hear loud banging on the walls. I am afraid to go to my pastor at church and ask him to bless my home. I’m afraid he will think I’m a nut job. I’m scared and need help. I have tried smudging with sage but it seems to make things worse.

    1. Dear Jamie,
      After serious prayer over your situation there 2 things that are happening in your life
      1. Your House is Haunted
      2. There Is demonic altar in your apartment
      This must be broken and your house sanctified . I have Holy water to sanctify your house. If you own the place we can help to repossess the spiritual ownership of the property. If not you better move out. I can be able to help you to keep you safe until you move out apart from that you will end up been paralysed. Serious prayers are needed I recommend a special deliverance . I have emailed you please call me on +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668

    2. Dear Prophet i need deliverance because the evil keep attackin my brain i cant think straight i cant sleep it jus continuously repeatin negativity i trier pray and read my bible n have faith but it jus keep bothering me i need to know what god want me to do because right now things not going ok im worried everyday crying depressed and havin suicidal thoughtz some dayz i feel useless i really don’t know how long i can hold on

    3. Hello Prophet
      I have a evil smell following me around and every morning I wake up with scratches all over my body and pain in my body,
      Now my son and my husband are having the same mark on their body.
      Please help us in the name of Jesus

  19. I had I strange dream of my significant other acting cold towards me and me sad and crying. Now this morning he seems to be acting different towards me. This morning I noticed 3 scratches on my right shoulder. One was overlapping another. So I google it and found this page. When I finished readings everything I went to the bathroom to check my scratches and they were completely gone. Oh and A woman came up to me and said she was a Psychic . She said she was drawn towards me and I did not trust her. What could all this be?

    1. Hi Sabrina,

      You did the right thing, by reading this article as soon as you could. It means that your enemies have backed off because of this powerful connection, but now they are on assignment. You need to contact me because by this time you read this they have figured another way to try and destroy your life. contact me on +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668 I have also email you

    2. I get these scratches too. don’t overthink it. if your religious just pray for protection and don’t get scammed by these bullshit websites. Regarding the dream, you saw what was gonna happen before it happened. I get that too. Maybe it’s related to the scratches.

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