Things You Should Know About Evil-Eye

Prophet Climate Ministries 800_400-img-3 Things You Should Know About Evil-Eye

Victims of Evil-Eye

The Evil-Eye is real, it is real as Black Magic.

Voodoo,Juju,  Jinn, Black Magic is not the only thing that can turn a person world upside down; envy, evil eye & jealousy can do the same.  God hates evil eye ( Proverbs 6:16-17)  What is the Evil-Eye? Evil-Eye is when an individual looks at something you have that he does not, such as money, a good relationship, etc. Evil-Eye can be caused by having something about you that one you admire, such as your beauty, health, relationship status, success, etc. From this persons jealousy, envy or just pure admiration, can put an Evil Eye on you, even if the person does it unintentionally. Some people have so much negativity behind their stare, behind their envy and admiration that just a simple envying/adoring of other can cause that person much grief and loss at what once people admired & adored, what they were once jealous of.

Prophet Climate Ministries Spiritual-Sickness-Evil-Eye Things You Should Know About Evil-Eye

While anyone can be affected of the Evil-Eye, some are more vulnerable than others. An Individual with high level of success, financial stability, people who envied by others. Women and children are most susceptible to the Evil-Eye, and risk increases particularly for women who are newly brides, females during a healthy pregnancy, along with anyone who is very attractive, or has such beauty, that it leaves others in “Aw”, due to the fact the risk of the Evil-Eye increases in proportion to the person beauty, person financial stability, success and much more.

Evil eye can really become lethal if combined with a venomous  tongue. ( Psalms 140:3 )



  1. He or she faces one problem after another
  2. Loss in business and monies
  3. What once you were told about you is beautiful, is now having problems. For example: People use to compliment your flawless skin but now you’re having skin problems, people use to compliment the beauty of your eyes but now you’re having eye problems, compliment about your car and it breaks down etc.
  4. Health is bad, one illness after another, where at one point of time you had great health
  5.  A happy home or relationship falls apart suddenly
  6.  Friends, relatives turn into your enemies
  7.  Feeling of negativity around you and all that you do, where at one point you enjoyed doing what now you dislike
  8.  Beauty of yours is not what is use to be


If You are facing one of these symptoms you can be delivered by talking to experts. Who can perform special prayers and give you some special instruction, the can even pin point where the evil -eye is coming from and show you how to block it. Special prayers and fasting must be included. Remember for you to be delivered from Evil eye , you must participate. it cannot just be removed without you doing nothing. Since it results into your life been masked.



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