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Dear Reader,

After these 21 day’s many of your lives have gone to another level! The amount of testimonies that have taken place is overwhelming. Just like the testimony above as long as you are persistent and your willing to listen to the word of God then I can see more testimonies and breakthrough coming into your life.  your life is shining, someone will even dare to mess with your life. But do you know what is going to happen? They are going to be in for a big surprise! After this weekend anyone who has been planning to reverse your progress is going to die by fire! I prophesy that any sickness that wants you to revert you to bad heath is going to die by fire! Any debt that wants to reverse you into poverty, any depression that wants to lead you into no progress will not work. As anyone who dares to reverse your achievement, God is going to deal with them. Anybody who is planning to gather to deal with you may that environment become hostile! As the Lord has brought you to far to leave you or let you revert back to the beginning. 

 This Friday is our Miracle Fire Service and as you write down the names of any person, any circumstance and any problem that has arisen in your life. Make sure that you are one of God’s chosen ones to challenge your current situation and rise up in faith to take action. Whether you have to go that extra mile spending time in prayer, whether you have to make physical sacrifices to ensure that you are putting God first in everything you do. Whether you are being financially challenged to sow seeds do it! As anyone who is set to challenge your peace, to challenge your life will die by fire in Jesus name!

 This is the time to put your faith in action and activate your faith, starting reusing those prayer points don’t stop! As the Lord will destroy anyone who wants to bring your life into wastage. Those months and years of unfruitful people and things being in your life come to an end. May God reverse anyone wanting to tear down your progress and anyone associated with them. Anyone or anything giving you sleepless nights and worries let them go down in Jesus name. After thing weekend every problem in your life is going to bow its knee to the name of Jesus. 

Just as a reminder I have a free gift just for you. I want you to download it and listen to it over and over again. This year any sacrifice that you have made is about to pay off. Last year many things have happened in your life, that doesn’t make sense, things that want to challenge you, things that want to take you away from your purpose so that you can restart all over again. This year you have started well, continue good and faithful servant and continue to listen to instructions God gives so that anyone who is daring and planning to destroy your life can be put to a stop. Please click the link below and download my FREE GIFT To You I need to connect with you and there are some keys in this teaching that you must hear! This Friday we have the Miracle Fire Service and you cannot afford to miss! It’s going to be powerful! Be blessed. 


Watch Powerful Testimony 




May this mark the beginning of your Turning Point!

Remain Blessed, 

From Bishop Climate

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