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This is our 25 room with Ensuite Prayer Retreat Centre in Klingenthal – Germany. Main two storey building + extension + garage and outbuildings. massive freehold building in Klingenthal Ski Resort, Germany. The building has served several purposes over the years and houses separate apartments as well as big common lounges, a commercial kitchen and even a dance hall! At The Moment I want you to see what God has done and This is going the first Premier Prayer Retreat centre in the heart Of Europe. This Property God blessed us with it. God gave me a Vision to Build A Prayer Centre in Germany Up in the Mountains and in 2017 God blessed me with this place. Now Its time to build it up : ” This is what the LORD of Hosts says: “Think carefully about your ways. Go up into the hills, bring down lumber, and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified, says the LORD. ( Haggai 1:8-9)


Check out all the photos included on our facebook page. we regret to inform you that not all rooms are featured. We have lost dozens of photos on a memory card. So, we managed to include most but not all the toilets yet not the bath! Then of course the photos on the card were of other main rooms, which now won’t be shown here .
We have even managed to omit the “stage” yes you read right… there is a stage in the huge hall where plays etc would have once been acted out. The stage often doubled as a DJ stand as well, the hall is just perfect for holding your own huge prayer meeting and parties up here in the mountains
Get ready to be even more impressed by all the extra sections and rooms you will have to discover!
Overall the building is in great shape but major repairs required. The bulk of the work required here is simply decorative, the interiors definitely need a fresh lick of paint. New windows, carpets, kitchen, plumbing and electrical installation. Then if you’re up to it, the wooden decorative panelling could all be varnished on the exterior. Summer is here in Klingenthal, come enjoy the fresh pine scent and mountain air, whilst you get going with our new prayer retreat Centre.
The type of location and property which come up very rarely, if ever. Being such an amazing property we hope our partners, friends , members will at least spend some of their prayer and fasting holidays here.
Chapters can be written on the resort and the property itself! Round the back, we have a huge covered patio / balcony area, all with tasteful wooden panelling in keeping with the “mountain chalet” appearance.
The bountiful, tree lined garden backs onto the football fields, yet sits below them. So, Sunday’s match spectators can’t peer down into our garden. If you fancy catching the match, then you’re just a few steps away over your back garden. If the ball does land in our garden, please do kick it back and score a goal… as Klingenthal FC could really do with some help right now!
Easy (plentiful) parking on the drives or at the back of the building and we even have our own garages! I must add the drive up to Klingenthal itself was an amazing experience. Perhaps it was the Mercedes Benz I was blessed enough to test drive, or just the breath-taking mountain scenery along the way But I know it was the presence of God upon this mountains. We guarantee that you are going to love coming up here time and time again. For prayer and spiritual refreshment. The journey itself simply adds to what is already a positively fulfilling experience. As our friend, partner , and family you can soon call all this your! By the way, don’t worry if you don’t drive, the train ride into Klingenthal is also a must do!
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It’s usually a great sight seeing point being close to the Czech Republic, we have a this centre in Germany and the elite status a Czech property simply doesn’t get. At the same time, you can shop next door, saving considerably! CZ isn’t just close, it’s neighbouring your town! At parts DE and CZ are separated by a stream near the centre.
Whilst back in the day hopping over the stream would have been unthinkable, for all but the boldest defectors, nowadays there’s a bridge. You can walk over to the Czech shops in a few steps. Or drive over and fill up on the cheaper petrol! The Duty-Free signs still adorn the shops, which these days mean massive savings on excise goods like shoes and clothes.
Our street is lined by immaculate properties owned by well to do types, many doing nicely from the tourist industry. Others have already retired here, and some properties are holiday homes owned by expats and Germans from the big cities. As you can tell, this is not your average cheap package holiday resort! Though, if you do want a 30p pint, the Czech Republic is right on your doorstep. We highly recommend checking out restaurants in Kraslice on the Czech side.
You can also hop on the train into Kraslice, right from Klingenthal to be on your way to an amazing weekend in Prague! We simply can’t rate this very location highly enough…. Yet must stay focused on why you will be coming to this place of pray and power itself!!! So, let us mention the views from your hilltop vantage point, for meditation or better yet just check out the photos in the album !
Nearly every town in Germany of course has supermarkets and shops, here in Klingenthal though they are in absolute abundance!! Everything, as in anything and everything, you will ever need is right here in town. Being a resort you also have several health and beauty salons, pampering weekenders from the nearby towns and cities.
This is far from a seasonal ski resort, it is also a real town where people live and work all year round. As such all town amenities are right here, and we must say they are amongst the best we have seen in the whole of Germany.
You will discover all the great restaurants yourself when you go for a stroll in town. We highly recommend you check out the Klingenthal town website here: for more info on the local attractions, museums, zoo, swimming pools, hiking trails and of course the ski slopes! Here’s some great footage from the Ski Jump championship too:
It is important to note, Klingenthal has enjoyed the most consistent snowfall of all resorts in Europe for the past five years. What’s more you even have the dry slope, ensuring not just year-round skiing, but constant, year-round visitors! Vogtland Arena hold over 30,000 spectators alone! From ski pros to kids and beginners, all skiers are catered for.
Once again check out the photos as they speak for themselves, even if we managed to miss a few dozen! Wish you a lot of blessings as you join us to raise up funds to help rebuild this wonderful house of prayer and as result there will be physical and spiritual blessing that will come upon your life and your family.
The Total cost for repairs and Refurbishment is £77,000. I have asked The Holy Spirit for 77 Partners… who will donate a special mission seed of £1000, or 154 Partner who will donate a special mission seed of £500 to help us to set up this first European Premier retreat Centre. Will You Sow That Seed Today..? Or whatsoever you can afford ? ..! Whatever donation You Sow…Will Unlock The Harvest God Has Promised You. Thank You From My Heart..!

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For all that are going to contribute toward the rebuilding of this centre. You will be guaranteed to have free stay in this place please for more information please contact me or inbox me and lastly… welcome to Klingenthal Ski! The European Premier Prayer Retreat Centre . – From Prophet Climate
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