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Dear Child of God,


I hope you got my email last week with my free book offer in it; I hope you downloaded it, read it, and experienced the power of God. This week I want to offer you something even better!!

Do you want to get your hands on one of the latest Deliverance Series Books For Free? These powerful demon-busting prayer books are available right now on Amazon! But for a limited time offer I WANT TO SEND YOU ONE FOR FREE! That’s right, I will send you one book or YOU COULD WIN THE ENTIRE SERIES OF 34 DELIVERANCE BOOKS FOR FREE!

For the past ten years, God led me to write these powerful books to help you in your deliverance. Because what you read affects your mind. I have been printing all of our books locally and shipping them out from our centre in London. But now we have teamed up with Amazon to get our books shipped world-wide! And now we need your help to let everyone know just how amazing these books are and how they have impacted your life. We want to reach for more souls. We want to help more people. But we need your help to do that. The more ratings our books have, the more people will notice them and download them. 


Yes we’ve got loads of new books that have been published in just the last few months and I  would love to send you one. Right now we are holding a special Draw, Winner #1 will win the Entire Set of the Deliverance Series – that’s 34 Books!!! I’ll tell you one thing, the devil is in trouble once you get your hands on these books. Oh Yes, you are going to have victory in every area of your life with these books. 

All that we ask is that you give an honest review on our product page for any of the books you have already read. Please leave a review for all of the books you have read. Once we receive your reviews, let us know which book you would like and we will enter your Name for the Draw to win. THE MORE REVIEWS YOU LEAVE, THE MORE YOUR NAME WILL BE ENTERED. We have more than 50 books available on Amazon. And many of our kindle books count as a separate book so you can leave the same review twice (once for the paperbook version and one for the kindle version). All you have to do is search for the books and leave the review. The more reviews you write, the more we will enter your name in the Draw. Review 50 books and we’ll enter your name 50 Times!! 

1st Prize Winner Wins the Entire Set of Deliverance Series Books (All 34 books)

2nd & 3rd Prize Winner Wins a Free Book of Choice

All you have to do is click on the link below and leave a review for the books you have already read, rate it and leave a review for us. Then reply this email letting us know you have done it. (Note: Amazon requires you to have a valid active account in order to leave a review). Thank you so much for your help in this and in helping us take these books into every corner of the earth.

Now Here’s What You Need To Do:

1) Click Here To Visit Our Amazon Author Page with a list of many of our books 

2) Click on the Books you wish to leave a review and scroll down to write your review

3) Once you have finished reviewing those books, search Prophet Climate or Bishop Climate in the search bar and more books will show up that you can be able to review. 

4) Once you have finished with all your reviews, please send an email to admin@bishopclimate.org with your name and the number of reviews you have written (Please note we will be checking so make sure you have written the review)

5) Next Monday we will announce the winners!!!

DON’T FORGET … CLICK HERE TO GET A COPY OF MY BOOK “BREAKING THE STUBBORN SPIRIT” FOR FREE (FYI: This Link is for USA, if you live in another country just go to your amazon and search bishop climate deliverance and scroll until you find it (Don’t Forget To Leave Your Review) 

Yours in Prophecy,

Prophet Climate 

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