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Bishop Climate Ministries Responds to Media Reports on Charity Commission Inquiry and Accusations That They’ve Been Selling Fake Covid-19 Protection Kits

For Immediate Release Date 2/09/2020

Name:  Right Reverend Dr Climate Wiseman Phd
Phone +447424106147

Prophet Climate Ministries DIwPDCe9XcjCwMSgwMDI2EC2SaMaR0NgNARGQ2A0BEZDYDQEGBgZGA4Ag2EhAGZiCAxEURb8AAAAAElFTkSuQmCC Press Release

[Camberwell, London, Sept 2, 2020] – I want the public and everybody to know that we have never sold any fake covid-19 kit. What we have are special oils found in the Bible and are not harmful to humans. It has been portrayed that we were selling it for £91 per kit which is distorted information by the media. The £91 was not based on the price of the kit but was based on a donation in order to help us produce and supply the kits and also to give back to those who could not afford it.

We have been portrayed as opportunists and trying to cash in on this pandemic, but the reality is that as a prophet and a man of God I had to seek God for solution just like all other times in different situations. And God did provide me with the solution to a current situation which has proven to be effective. Hundreds of people used this product and they recovered.

No one has ever tested our divine cleansing oil to prove that it is fake or it doesn’t work. So just assuming and saying that it is fake and yet not tested scientifically to prove it’s fake, I find it very discriminating.

We never encouraged people to ignore government guidelines during the pandemic and we are not looking forward to discourage them even after the pandemic. I, Bishop Climate, though I have a gift of healing and miracles, have never discouraged or advised anyone to stop taking their medication or ignore any medical advice.

The truth is that we may look controversial because of people’s difference in beliefs but for Bishop Climate Ministries we always believe in miracles. And we have evidence in it in our social

media and YouTube. People who don’t believe what we believe took advantage of this situation to attack The Kingdom Church which I am the presiding Bishop over and exploited the vulnerability of churches through the Charity Commission.

We’ve been investigated over concerns of the accuracy of our financial records. We believe this is because of the complexity of how Bishop Climate Ministries, The Kingdom Church and other subsidiary companies associated with the charity are interwoven. We hope to rectify this and make it clear to understand how we operate.

One thing that I find very unfair is that a lot of information out there is distorted and untrue. And no one has tried to reach out to hear our side of the story. And for this it has created a lot of uneasiness yet we are open and ready to share and to reveal what God has been doing through us. It seems a lot of media sources are focused on the negative point and distorted truth but these are part of the challenges that we have to face and deal with. Because with God we are more than able.

We still continue to experience the favour of God, miracles are happening, people are getting healed and lives are getting changed. Though we are very controversial in our methods but the results are undeniable. Anything that is of God, that a human being cannot understand, will always be controversial.

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