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Prophet Climate Ministries open-heavens Prayer Agreement Form Page

Yes Prophet, Please Come In Agreement With Me That This Month I Shall Experience Open Heavens & Unlimited Success!

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  1. Dear Prophet Climate,
    Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus,
    I would like you, to prayer for me, that the Lord would healed my stomach from feeling bad, that the Lord would healed my tooth, acid reflux, sinus, ulcers, inflammation, my chest tight, my stomach and abdominals hurting me, my stomach and abdominals swollen, my lower back hurting me, that the Lord would renew my mind, I attend the psychiatric hospital every two weeks, I am taking medication, I am in need of a job, I am in need of my own home, I need a financial breakthrough in my life, I need to get back my driving license, I have to go back in for heavy duty truck driving, I use to drive before, I did not have the finances, to pay for my driving license every year, that why I have to go back in, God bless you.

    1. Dear Mr Shayne I have prayed for you I have printed your prayer request right now as you read this it’s not altar I declare healing favour and for recovery from every manner of sickness and diseases in Jesus name

    1. Thank you so much Muxe Given Rimbau for your prayers and your wishes and I pray that God will increase you And grant you success in everything that you do be blessed from the master prophet

  2. I wish God heal me and give me health,my health is not well and I’m struggling financially to be responsible for my life and to help others in need

    1. Today I declare and a decree That the Lord God shall heal and restore you in every area of your life check your email I’ve sent your prophetic word

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