Powerful Prayers For Healing, Deliverance And Miracles

Prophet Climate Ministries images-48 Powerful Prayers For Healing, Deliverance And Miracles

Have you been facing demonic attacks, Evil spells or do you desire to grow spiritual and be strong prayer warriors. Here is hundred of powerful live prayer sessions that have worked for many others and have brought peace, happiness, and victory. Prophet Climate is Number Deliverance Minister in Europe . Many have been delivered through This ministration. join Today and be free

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    1. Please prayer for my father Louis Philippe Boff.
      Prostate cancer and demantia healing and deliverance.
      My niece and family Christabelle.
      Husband Bruno Alphonse.
      Break finance’s break through all curse and demonic spirit..
      My niece Loana she see black spirit and suicide spirit break all curse.
      My niece Jennifer break all curse demonic
      Break all fianaces difficulty and poorly
      My self my working suitation
      My mental health depression.
      Black magic up on my life.
      Realise all demonic possession on my life.
      Jean Marie
      Melmet moses koray

  1. Dearest Bishop I than God so for your prayers for my new appointment of Empowr City Vice President -Kampala . Am sure Soon , Iwill start working and money will be following as social media is aimed at making mone on platform working-e-commerce./trade online.

    Last week I dreamt of two huge horses flying very fast in the sky -carrying /pulling carts with dead dogs and cats taking them away from the city of kampala-which Am leading infighting poverty.A voice came to me /told me in that that the horses were sweeping the city of dead dogs and cats thrown in the city to make clearn-May the Lord be praised. I pledge that soonest I wll be sending seed for the first fruit when physical cash is envissaged in my hands.

    Today I had another of having in possion have bandles of money- I praise the Lord for such message. Am poverty is dying in the Mighty of Jesus. Amen.

  2. Good day , I am struggling in school and this is my final year I need help from god, I want to pass all my courses am doing 5 courses now but I just can’t stop failing , if I fail anything I will not be able to graduate in November coming, and I have two subjects leave that I want to do in the summer but am praying so I can get them to do in summer and pass it so by November I can graduate I should have spent 4years in University but because am struggling and failing I have spent 6 years in school , father god this is my year to excel and come through please I beg of you help pray for me so I can have knowledge,wisdom and understanding please am begging you help me pray .

  3. I need help in every area of my life delivered , healing , finance, happiness will me and all my 3 children and 4 Grandchildren traveling and have new homes all our bills paid out along will all with Godly husband and wife the female with Godly husband and males with a wife please help me and my children . Thank you and God bless you prophet Climate. If I didn’t live so far I would be there to your church.

  4. Prophet Climate..l need prayer of healing of my prostate cancer and not to be cut open. My name is Actavian Adams, please l need annointed oil & water..ok..mailing address as follows…Mr. Actavian Adams..P. O. Box 621.. Killeen, Texas 76540..& telephone number is …1+ 254-78/-4418..thank you very much in your time & efforts in this matter in advance..time of essence..sincerely Mr. Actavian Adams..

  5. I’m asking for prayer to be free from demonic attack for quite sometimes , this thing being following me around my church and i we pray and fast it goes away and then reappearedl dont know what to do i believe it’s coming from my job. I would also like to sow a seed. Thanks and God bless

  6. I have been suffering from severe ibs, irritable bowel syndrome for 27 years.
    I have not been able to work or study.
    My dream is still to study languages again.

  7. I pray for money and a job and for Kim pope and mark to give me back all the money they did not pay me off in mc Donald’s and i get a call Monday that Kim used all my money on my card and my card declined only Kim could used it and the bank told me that it only have twenty nine dollars in my card and that’s was my saving so they told me I have to close it by paying money I from Trinidad

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