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Dear Child of God,


When I was praying for you I saw that you at one point you experienced a lot of favors and opportunities, there was a time in your life where things came easily for you. But something happened and from that day it has been a struggle. From that day it is like you have been living under a curse. Well it is true! Somebody out of envy and jealousy saw that you were lucky, they saw that you were a person of substance, a person of favor, and they swept down and placed a curse over the work of your hands. That is why at the moment nothing seems to be working. Nothing seems to be making any sense


Abram brought all these to him, cut them in two and arranged the halves opposite each other; the birds, however, he did not cut in half. Then birds of prey came down on the carcasses, but Abram drove them away. (Genesis 15:10-11)

You see, the birds of prey are evil spirits whose goal it is to cut you off from your deliverer. They want to make sure you don’t connect with your deliverer, to cut you off from your breakthrough, from your blessing. Sometimes it can be done through offense, rejection, frustration, other times they can physically steal from you. But just like Abraham, the problem you are going through is not going to stay forever. One of these days, it’s going to fly away, all what you have to do is hold on. 

Tonight we are getting ready for the Miracle Pool and I must anoint the palms of your hands. Every birds of prey that have been assigned to steal your finances, to steal your relationships, to steal your health, to steal your children, they must be washed away.

Yes as I anoint the palms of your hands tonight, God is about to strengthen them. Your hands are going to be strong, your mind is going to be strong, your body is going to be strong. Just like David, God will train your hands for battle and your fingers to fight

Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. (Psalms 144:1)

I also see that this is a generational curse that you have inherited from birth. That is why failure and bad luck are all you have known for as long as you can remember. Because it is running in your spiritual dna. But today you can be clean. Today you can be free from what is holding you back, if only you believe.


I see doors opening in your life  for wealth, health and prosperity to come into your life in abundance. 

Your gates will always stand open, they will never be shut, day or night, so that people may bring you the wealth of the nations led in triumphal procession. For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish;  it will be utterly ruined. (ISAIAH 60:11-12)

Tonight we are holding the Powerful Miracle Pool Service. If you’re not yet aware of what’s going around right now, then go back through your emails. Update yourself and stay connected, because you don’t want to be left behind.

Now Here’s What You Must Do: 

  1. Using the link below, send me your prayer agreement form with the areas where you need God to deliver you from the birds of prey.
  2. You must send me a picture of the palm of your hands. I will print it off personally for you and dip it in the Miracle Pool.
  3. As you do that, I feel in my spirit that you need to give a special offering according to the number of age. This is important especially when you are believing God to remove every curse, especially every generational curse of failure and bad luck over the work of your hands. When you give according to the number of your age, you are undoing all the bad that has been done to you since the moment you were born. As you come into covenant with God, Jehovah El Gemuwal, the God of Recompensation, will restore all that has been lost to you.  Give whatsoever you can. And God will bless you back abundantly. Your tithe remember is also a key to this Financial breakthrough. Give Today generously and Let the God open up your flood gates of heaven

Remember there is no distance when it comes to prayer or the anointing, there is only faith. And as you join your faith with my faith, together we can witness a miracle in your life. 


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See you soon, 


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