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Bishop Climate Ministries Presents....

"Breaking The Spirit Of Singleness"

The #1 Deliverance Program In The World for Your Marriage & Relationships 

Have You Been Experiencing Any or All of the Following:

  •  Singleness?
  • Seems can't find the right partner
  • Taking too Long To get Married 
  •  Wrong choice of partner? 
  • Relationships-Con-ship 
  •  Rejection?
  •  Divorce?
  •  Widowhood?
  •  Extra-marital relations?
  • Delayed Child Bearing 
  • Lack of romance
  •  Relationships that never last?
  •  Lack of affection?
  •  Lack of fulfillment?
  •  Misunerstanding/confusion between eachother?

  •  Abusive partner?
  •  Lazy partner? 
  • Windowhood & Premature deaths
  •  A sudden change in your spouse?
  •  Spiritual Attacks?
  •  No commitment?
  •  No children?

Prophet Climate's Deliverance Program is THE Program Which Will Take You From Captivity to FREEDOM!

The Only Thing Standing Between You And Your Future ... Is One Decision

Imagine being able to attend the most powerful deliverance ministry in all of Europe! For the past 18 years, Prophet Climate has been mentoring students one-on-one as they attend his LIVE deliverance sessions in person. Due to increasing demand, he has introduced this BRAND NEW Powerful Deliverance Program, designed for you to use to get life-changing results without ever having to leave your house. 

This program has been designed specificially to deal with foundational issues in your life, addressing the spiritual roots behind your problems. With powerful, strategic prayer points, audio teachings that deliver life-changing knowledge and revelation (that I can GUARANTEE you haven’t heard anywhere else). 

Here's What You Get When You INVEST in This Amazing Spiritual Deliverance Program

1. 8 Weeks of Spiritual & Relationship Master Classes

You'll learn all about: 

  •  The Power of God Within You
  • The Importance of Forgiveness
  • What Is The Spirit of Singleness & How To Break It
  •  7 Enemies of Marriage
  •  The Purpose of A Man & A Woman in Marriage
  •  How To Find The Right Mate
  • 10 Types of Husbands/Wives To Be Aware Of
  • 9 Keys To A Successful Marriage

2. Your Own Personal Online Mentor

When you sign up, you'll be assigned a mentor that will be available to you throughout the course of your program. They will be from one of Prophet Climate's Very Best Deliverance Mentors.

They will help to:

  •  Keep you on track
  •  Answer any questions you may have
  •  Encourage you and help you to grow spiritually

Some of our past students have said that this part was one of the most valuable attritubes to the Program, knowing that they had someone there personally to help them along their journey!

3. Special Access To Our VIP Facebook Group

Here's Where You Can:

  •  Ask Questions & Get Answers Throughout Your Deliverance Journey
  • Receive Help to Navigate through the Program so you can get the best results
  • Get Help and Encouragement along the way
  • Get Access to Special Bonus Material & Videos

It's YOUR TIME To Be Delivered! 

What is it that you have been crying out to God for? Have the doctors given up hope? Has your marriage given up hope? Has your career or business given up hope? Well God hasn't. The only reason you are not where you want to be is because of something you don't know. And I believe that you are reading THIS very email because God wants you to be delivered. He wants you to experience the Good life He has planned for you. The Bible says "Listen! The LORD's arm is not too weak to save you, nor is his ear too deaf to hear you call." Isaiah 59:1 NIV

You may have been in that same situation for YEARS but I'll tell you one thing, and I've said it time and time again, that God will never assign your deliverance until He assigns you a deliverer. You ask me why? 

  • The Children of Israel were stuck in bondage for 400 years UNTIL Moses came to deliver them. (Exodus 3)
  • The woman with the issue of the blood had bled for 12 years UNTIL she touched the hem of Jesus. (Luke 8:43-44) 
  • The woman whom "satan has kept bound for eighteen long years" stayed that way UNTIL Jesus came for her! (Luke 13:16)
  • A paralytic man was in the same condition for 38 Years UNTIL Jesus met him at the Miracle Pool (John 5)

I believe that God has CONNECTED me and you for a plan and a purpose - Because it's YOUR SET TIME to be Free! It's YOUR TIME to come out of captivity! It's YOUR TIME to be Delivered!


Hear What Our Students Have To Say About It....

Read a Few of Many Powerful Testimonies that were Experienced through the use of these Deliverance Programs!

" When I first met Prophet Climate I had been married and divorced 5 times. I was most recently married to a Swedish diplomat, but was separated from him and was working as a housemaid. When I started working with Prophet and he showed me the issues which were behind my problem, I received prayer and deliverance and now I have reunited with my former husband and we are enjoying a happy marriage. This has never happened before. Since going through deliverance, I no longer face rejection in my life from friends and family. 

Lucy | Zimbabwe 

" I had been experiencing failed relationships one after another for years. When i first got introduced to Prophet Climate and went through his deliverance program, it became evident to me that there was a strange smell coming from my body which was turning people off from me. This was generational and ran in my family. I was not aware about it until I began the program, something then brought it to my senses which Prophet Climate said is what happens when the curse is being broken, it manifests and leaves. Since going through deliverance the strange smell on my body disappeared. I met my future husband and am now happily married, we have just celebrated the birth of our first child. with a child. I really thank God for Prophet Climate and this amazing program. 

Florence | USA

" When I first signed up for Prophet Climate's Marriage Deliverance Program, I had been searching everywhere. My marriage had already failed and not a single relationship was working for me. After beginning the program, the prayers were powerful. I shortly after had a dream where I saw myself as a baby being dedicated on a spiritual demonic altar. I saw my family marrying him to water spirits. My mother later confirmed that it was true after I confronted her. Once that issue was exposed, it was like night and day, I began to have success in his relationships again. The curse was broken. Thank you Man of God!

Martin | France

" My life was full of heartbreak, my husband left me for another woman and abandoned me and our young daughter. I had nothing and nowhere to turn to. But Prophet helped me, everything in my life began to turn around the day when I got connected with his ministry. I went through deliverance as well, and it was not long after that I met my new husband. Since then God has blessed us in many ways. Today we are happily married and God has blessed us with two more children. 

Stanza | UK

" I was doing very successful in his business, but suddenly it began to take a hit. After going through deliverance with Prophet Climate, I discovered that the problem was being caused by a specific person. My wife and I had the same dream at night, about a person we knew being chased by dogs. In the dream, wherever this person would go, things were breaking and falling apart, suddenly he appeared in our house and our house broke down. In the morning when we woke up suddenly we shared about the dream that we both had. The person we dreamt of was someone we had been working closely with. We realised that since we gave that particular person access to our life and business, everything began to fail. Financial deals were collapsing. Every time he borrowed our car it would end up breaking down or almost having an accident. On Monday morning we called him and ended the association. By afternoon another connection and prosperous business deal was made, and things began to pick up again in my business. I would recommend this program to anyone who is facing stagnation in any area of their lives. It's not just about Marriage but also about Relationships. 

John | Australia

" My life was being tormented by my jealous and controlling ex-husband, he was trying to make everything difficult for me, and was even taking me to court for full custody of my children. He was being manipulated by his new wife and it was causing so much stress and pressure for me. I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. But the Man of God and his team encouraged me, I continued going through deliverance. When the time for the final decision in court came, I couldn't beleive what happened. The judge (who I didn't even know) looked at me and told me don't worry my daughter, everythig is going to be okay. The judge then ridiculed my husband and his lawyer, told them to leave me alone and threw the entire case out! To God be all the glory! In addition to that I have recently found new love, got re-married and have been just blessed with a beautiful baby! Thank you Man of God you and God have changed my life for better.  

Belinda | UK

So Are You Ready To Change Your Life? All it takes is ONE Decision ...

If you are tired of feeling like your situation is hopeless, running in circles trying to make things change, taking one step forward and ten steps back, then it's time you look in the mirror and realize you need to make a change. If all what you have been doing up to this point is working, then why are you still in the same situation? I dont' believe you'd even be reading this email. But I believe it's because you need to make a new choice, a new decision, in a new direction. And one that will lead you through a door of Hope. A door of Change. A door which opens you up to everything you have been seeking for. 

Prophet Climate's Marriage Deliverance Program

Included in this program: 

  •  Access to our VIP Facebook Group
  • Access to your Own Personal Online Mentor
  • 8 Weeks of Spiritual & Relationship Master Classes to uproot foundational issues so that you can have the best marriage ever
  • 8 Topical MP3 Audio Teachings (Nearly 9 Hours of Teaching!)
  • Personalized Prayer Program
  • PLUS - A Powerful Prophetic Marriage Prayer & Declaration for Daily Use