Do You Feel Frustrated & Confused ?

Prophet Climate Ministries FRUSTRATED-2 Do You Feel Frustrated & Confused ?

 Do You Feel  Frustrated ?

Do You Have Any Of The Symptoms?

  1. You Feel Frustrated.
  2. Do You Get Frustrated When You Are Forced To Wait And Do Nothing?
  3. Do you find yourself making decisions that seems right only to turn to mistakes ?
  4. Do You Feel Angrier After A Direct Argument, Or Passive-Aggressive Behavior?
  5. You find yourself feeling more frustrated and annoyed than normal.
  6. It can also seem as if your patience runs out more quickly.
  7. It can also seem like you are disappointed more quickly and more often than normal.
  8. Even what would normally be considered minor issues now make you highly upset, annoyed, and angry.
  9. It feels like you are overly quick to react.
  10. It seems like you are more easily disappointed.
  11. You find your frustration is like a hair-trigger, with any little irritant setting you off.
  12. It seems like people frustrate you much more than normal.
  13. It seems things upset you more than normal.
  14. It seems like everything is much more frustrating than normal.
  15. Do You Feel As If Someone Or Something Has Been Spiritually Assigned To Frustrate You?
  16. Do you feel that someone or something is behind all these issues ?

Prophet Climate Solution – 9 Quick Steps

  1. Start Noticing Your Triggers That Cause The Frustration, Is It Emotional, Spiritual ?
  2. View Frustration As A “Delayed Success” Rather Than “Failure”.
  3. Look At The Problem With A Different Perspective Get Special Prayers Counselling Or Deliverance.
  4. Do 7 Days Prayer & Fasting 5-5pm Take Communion Everyday At The Beginning And At The End
  5. Remember that somethings only goes out by fasting and prayer only.
  6. Write Down The Things You Have Been Going Through .
  7. Make Contact With Prophet Climate To Arrange  For Your one to one Deliverance As Soon As Possible.
  8. Is the Matter very urgent ? Call Now The best qualified and powerful Deliverance Minister in the world  USA  CALL +1 347 708 1449   UK +44 207 738 3668 Or on WhatsApp +44 7448 583480
  9. Prophet Climate  Recommended Online Deliverance Program concerning this issue  for those who wants to get started without no delay


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  • More Insight To What Is Frastuating You.
  • Better Ability And Freedom.
  • Emotional And Spiritual Breakthrough.
  • Greater Chance Of Achieving This.

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