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Dear Child of God,

Right now you can get a copy of my book for FREE to download on Amazon. This has been one of the most powerful weapons in our ministry that many have used to break the spirit of lack out of their lives. If there is any area where you are experiencing poverty, lack, bareness or unproductivity … THIS Book will help you. Just read some of the testimonies below that others experienced after using the miracle salt (instructions in the book)

Woman Speaks To Her Son After 11 Years!

One lady got the Miracle salt from me and took it home. She said that she had often seen flies in her house but she could never find the source. After sprinkling the salt around her house, the next day she woke up to find dead flies everywhere in her house. Every spirit of death was destroyed as a result of using the miracle salt. The next thing she knew, her son who had refused to speak to her for over 11 years was calling her and asking her to come and visit him and his children. As you use the miracle salt, every spirit of death and rejection is going to be removed from your life.

Spirit of Defilement is Destroyed!

One woman had been experiencing spiritual husbands (men visiting her in the night to defile her). This spirit causes stagnation and barrenness in your life just like the people of Jericho experienced. But as she washed herself with the miracle salt that demonic spirit was destroyed and she never had any more defiling dreams again. Shortly after, her businesses began to pick up again and money started flowing back into her life. 

All Her Children Are Experiencing Peace!

One of our partners from the US ordered our miracle pack. Her daughter was only five years old but was constantly getting into trouble at school for bullying other children. At the time the mother started to use the miracle salt her daughter was facing expulsion from her school. But she took her daughter’s schoolbag and sprinkled miracle salt in it as well as in her pockets. She even sprayed her every day with the Divine Favour Miracle Water. Within a week, the daughter had completely changed her behaviours and started getting good reports from school. Every generational curse that was causing trouble in her life was broken.

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Good Luck & God bless you!

Praying for your Success,

Prophet Climate

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