Financial Crisis


Your Problem: Loss of Finances And Happiness, Career

Do you feel that something not normal is happening in your finances, Are you experiencing loss of business , losing jobs, losings customers.

Loss in business and monies

Feeling of negativity around you and all that you do, where at one point you enjoyed doing what now you dislike

Bad Lack , Court cases

Money don’t stick around anymore , repossession , Evictions

Financial dry spells

Prophet Climate Solution – 3 Quick Steps

Check if you had done palm reading, Or Check if you Loaned someone money and if so find out when and see if it matches the beginning of your problems.

Check if you had a demonic soul tie with somebody in terms of friendship , relationship or partnership or you received gift from someone who wants control you. ( Break every demonic covenant )

Use the Anointing oil of prosperity use it to wipe your hands for 70 days making special affirmation.

Expected Result

Constant Financial flow .

Ability to prosper once again.

Less feeling stuck.

Greater chance of achieving this.

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