Demonic Attack & Oppression

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Your Problem: Feel Like Demon Possessed.

Do You Dream of scary figure, dream of rape, dream of shadow and/or dark animal dogs & cats (this also can mean black magic)

Scratches or bruises on body that appear suddenly

Sudden depression, suddenly one remembers sad things that one had gone through in their past and can’t stop thinking of them (this is done by the spirit to break the person down. A person can be possessed at specific states, extreme saddens & extreme happiness etc)

Suddenly loss of motor skills, sudden loss of things we do daily, causing us to stay at home

Bad luck

Seeing objects mostly shadows throughout the day, feeling someone is watching you, feeling not alone

Daily sleep paralysis

Sudden health problems, such as loss of appetite, sudden weight loss, loss of skin color, one tends to look ill

Prophet Climate Solution – 3 Quick Steps

Fear Not. Do 7 days Prayer & Fasting 5-5pm take communion Everyday at the beginning and at the end

Write down the Things You have been going through .

Make Contact with qualified and honest practitioner Arrange your deliverance.

Expected Result

More insight to what is holding you back.

Better ability to see the big picture.

Get free from every demonic presence.

Freedom and protection.

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