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  1. I pray that all body changes that I pray for come through and God bless me money to help poor.

  2. Hi! My name is Philip Robert Obin. My birth date is July 9th, 1991, am 29 years old, lived in Queens Village, NY my entire life, and about to move to Hollis, NY real soon. I’m a grandson to famous Haitian artist Philomé Obin, and a cousin to former Haitian president Paul Eugene Magloire, 4 times removed. I was born with autism and a learning disability because of a speech delay. Didn’t talked much back then when I was a kid. Didn’t even know I had a voice back then. It happened when I was 2 or 3. I learned how to talk very late. Because of my autism, my life is going nowhere right now. All I do is watch television, read books, and use my smartphone every day. I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been having these voices in my head since I was 7, telling me that I’m no good for some reason. They are still There to this day, and keep on getting worse. Don’t know where they came from, I just want them all to stop for good. Also, I was diagnosed with diabetes since 2015. The doctor said I was drinking too much juice. I was losing too much weight because of this. And now, the diabetes is getting even worse. It’s like all these years, my life was a total waste. I have no job experience, failed college, being duped by the system, and I keep on getting worse every single day. Any advice or words of encouragement? Please tell me, what are my past, present, and future like? Please help me out! Remove me from this powerful, evil spell! I am tired of living my life in stress, pressure, depression, anxiety, and disappointment! want to get rid of all my problems, and live a better, normal life! Thank You So Much And God Bless!

  3. Paster i in needs of your help right now my life is in a mass my wife and children leave me and gone paster my finance is a mass i don’t no what to do i m working but it count reach my demons Paster please help me because everything is in a mass i don’t no wear to turn right now i m about to mad

  4. Good day Prophet
    I need a word from God for my life.
    I am in desperate need to know what is God saying to me .
    Thank you

  5. Prophet
    Why I always can’t have everything I want? Is price and efforts I didn’t pay enough?
    why things always lose and lose and lose in my life? Why things can’t be the things I wished?

  6. Pray please for me for the restoration of my birth certificate from Venezuela my mom passed away she burnt all my identity please i can’t get a job ,open a bank account etc…i am mother i will like to get a job to help my kids i living in another state and its really had for me living in that situation

  7. I am here for help for my 13 year old son has a court case that look like it’s never going away he is being falsely accused for something he did not do.

    1. I am praying for you. please check the email that I have send with special prophetic instructions


  9. Prophet of God,
    I would like to recieve a prophetic word for:
    What God has in store for me next year
    When he can answer my prayer list
    If next year can be an amazing year
    I’m losing faith. I want to know if He will answer my requests soon

  10. Hi, this is my first time seeking for some message from a prophet. I really hope I do receive an true message that answers my questions i have been asking myself about God and some advice on my future

  11. Hello Man of God,

    I really in desperate need of prayer for Restoration . I need to sustain my children and they need to continue their study but I have fear that I cant afford to do so. I lost everything as my possesions with my late husband has been stolen and taken by family members . Pls help me pray that I can have wisdom to do things that lifted me up and raised me up again. Please help me/

    1. Child Of God Today I declare That As you are moving forward to do battle with your enemies. Do not be fainthearted. Do not fear and tremble or be terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you to fight on your behalf against your enemies to give you victory.” Please call me for prayer of agreement

  12. Prophet of God,pray for me and my family. My Dad is dead and i am planing to travel to Nigeria next year for his burial.Please i need prayers.

  13. Me and my girlfriend Kimberly benavidez we’re having a problem in a relationship where she gets upset at me at every little thing I say and right now she got upset at me because I said Kimberly I want to get you pregnant when she told me she was fixed.

  14. Blessing to you
    I have come in need of prayer for me and my children. I need God to be in my home and grant me favor in court to have Full Custody of my two children and that God allow me to connect and raise them. I ask God me grant me Favor, peace, Strength and wisdom as a mother and woman of God.I ask and beg of God that by his son blood he stop anyone and all that have tried to bring harm to me and home

  15. Hi pastor I just need a word of wisdom from the lord also need if the guy am with his he the right one for me

    1. Pastor can you pray for me please . It’s a lot to say about what happening in life please pray for me

    2. hello Man of God,

      I would like to received the free prophetic words from the Lord. Pls send to my email at Please pray for me and my children man of God.seeking for your help. Thank you and Glory to God

  16. There was a reason that happened . I see a spirit of singleness in your life that must be broken. Someone put a spell on you in order to block you. I will recommend you to get it one of the most powerful deliverance program in marriage & Relationship Deliverance

    1. Dear Marie, I see that there is something that you have been waiting for long time. But this was blocked because of promotion that you got and since that time all your doors been closed. I have send you an email on how to unlock your destiny please also call me on +1 347 708 1449 or +44 207 738 3668 .

    2. Hi pastor I just need a word of wisdom from the lord also need if the guy am with his he the right one for me

    3. Prophet I met and live with a man for over a year we plan and set our wedding but suddenly he changed and said he is not ready I feel like leaving him cause I don’t want want to waste my time with him and he is not the one to marry me

    4. Good day Prophet
      I need a word from God for my life.
      I am in desperate need to know what is God saying to me .
      Thank you

  17. I need help oh lord it seems as I’ve been having problem after problem ….I lost my kids to cps temporary .because the landlord wanted us out of her house and for no reason she threatened us with cps that if we didn’t get out she would call cps and because she couldn’t evict us because of covid 19 she put my kids in the middle of her selfishness and called cps she lied against me said the the kids were under neglectful supervision which is not true cps ended up taking both of my baby girls and placed them in another city ….because if that me and the father of my kids started having problems and started arguing we were verbally abusing each other and some physical abuse toward each other he walked out on me cause we were both hurting from losing our kids and it brought depression anxiety loneliness addiction we started self medicating with alcohol and drugs I was alone in our house going through all of this no family no one to talk to he was doing the same but out there where he was our family just fell apart all because of some one who was just trying to hurt us through getting our kids getting taken away I cry everyday I need to be strong so that I can get my kids back from cps my husband has been teaching out to me says he sorry for leaving me but he didn’t know how to deal with it we now are with out a house because when he left I couldn’t pay the rent we just got back together yesturday and we are living with my sis since yesturday but she just got evicted so we are struggling I just want my kids back our family to be put back together and for cps to close the case because the landlord did it out of spite to hurt us please help us deliver us from addiction depression everything that is not from u lord and send us wealth to be able to get back on our feet financially stabled please lord u know my heart you said in Jeremiah 29.11 that you know the plans you have for me to make me prosper and not to harm me but to give me hope and a better feature u also said u would never leave me no forsake me …and to ask and I shall recieve soon asking u to please bring my kids home for cps to close my case now in jesus name amen thank u lord for everything u do seed me blessing on blessings on blessings in jesus name amen

    1. Dear Jessica,

      I am very sorry to hear what been going in your life especially losing your children to CPS. There something I can pick up in my spirit is about a generational curse both on you and your husband. some serious deliverance is needed and very urgent. I see you can still get back your children but I see now this not a new pattern in your life . This circle can and will be broken. I did mine and sure I have helped many people . WhatsApp me on +447424106147 . I have some powerful prayers and teaching that I will send you for Free. Because I have seen that you are willing to make some effort contacting me is sign form God that you are willing and there is hope for you and your family . contact me asap and let me guise you in to your future . Kind regard from Prophet

  18. One of my friends accused me of causing him great distress. He didn’t even give me a chance to speak to him to talk the matter out. What is going on? I need help.

  19. Good day my name is Oneil and I’m seeking help I’m seeing a great woman but I’m having trouble we seeing each other almost 4 years but the problem we having is arguing over small things and there are times when my daughter mom will call when I’m around her and it never goes well the feeling that I’m getting is that the devil is doing is best to set me up please I need your help and need healing

  20. Hi my name is Breanna Wallace,
    Right now I could truly use some spiritual guidance and direction. I’m 26 years old and married to my husband Bryan Wallace. I’ve went through many things in my life from the age of 5 up til now. I know that everything I’ve went through and is going through is necessary to where God is taking me. I’ve got broken relationships in my life. Ever since I’ve moved away from my family things ain’t never been the same with them no more. It’s been 3 years now. It feels like my husband and I are on a roller coaster ride spiritually, and we have a 2 year old son. The Devil don’t want us together. Since my husband’s step mothers death, things ain’t been the same. My husband and I sacrificed everything we had to help his father out with his bills and his other youngest son and daughter. Now that bills are being caught up, my husband and I are now trying to find a place to stay, our credits are bad, in debt, but I know greater is coming. God has already revealed the anointing upon my life. I just need complete healing and prayer in my life I feel like where we are staying is blocking my anointing and connection with God. I pray and pray and it seems like lately I’ve been more distracted. I can’t even get to my bible seem like, without being distracted. I need deliverance, I just want peace and to be happy , and to receive everything that the Father has for me. I want his revelation of what’s next for me.

  21. Man of God please pray for me, there is this girl I love so much but she refused to give me the chance

  22. Hi prophet im in a school im not happy with I went to a christian schools and at the school we prayed an read the bible my mom is a single parent and was able to keep us in..My mom wants us back at the private school but needs favor and opportunities please i need a answer and I want to go back by august 2020 the school im in now has homosexuals cussing etc please answer…..also we have 9 to 10 people in our church got send my pastors here to start a church people come and go for over 10 years my pastor feels like they are wasting they’re time here ask god to send people.. Also I want god to use me and speak to me and show me he is real cause sometimes i doubt.

  23. My name is Portia I live at South Africa.. Prophet my life is he’ll because of spiritual husband this problem started in 2012 I don’t know what to do.I bother me everyday it follows me everywhere. My relationship don’t last I am dumped always. I feel like my mind is not mine please help me to get my own mind back from witches I want every evil they put in my body to go out please help. People belittle me even my family. I always have negative thought I need a job,to know how yo drive a car and a house this year help me.I met this guy called Tebogo he we were supposed to get married now our relationship is broken just like that help me…

  24. Man of God please I ask of you to please pray for my partner Joel Rehu his body is deteriorating and doctors have no diagnosis as to why. Joel had suffered almost 8 years of chronic pain nerve damage and health issues getting worst.
    We are losing hope and we need a miracle.
    We need resolvement once and for all!

  25. Prophet i think my star has gone down and i feel like my life is at a stand still, i am really worried because i wanted to continue with my studies but im tormented by this situation i can’t even find a job, i do pray but i dont know how far is this situation going.

  26. Please Prophet pray for me for:
    Spiritual Upliftment
    Spiritual eyes opening
    Activation of prophetic gifts
    Abdomen pain

  27. Prophet I hurt so bad from a budging disc for 9 years now I need an operation to fix it. The doctor going to see me on Jan 28, 2020, because I did an MRI/scan. It is very painful for me please help me. I want this fix. The meds the doctor has me on do not work anymore, and right now I do not know what to do. Please pray for my family and my marriage I been under an attack. Most of the anger is from the pain that I am feeling from my back. Please its a lot of pressure .

  28. goodmorning im separated i have 2kids only girl..almost 1year ago in d past..still now my problem is financial..every day ang night..i always pray..lord pls help me..i need money more money to my 2kids and my credit is a lost..pls help me this coming Christmas…thanks

  29. I have been having pain in my back and legs sometimes I can hardly get out my bed also it seems like I can never get a head it’s like negativity is all around me my financial problems are all messed up I need prayer to take away the pain and for me to at least get a financial blessing

  30. Hi hello i need help about the situation of me and my husband.because im working as ofw.and my husband is just in the phillipines.the problem is my husband always say bad word to me and always thinking bad things toward me.what can i do that he will change i always pray to God that he will change my husband.and i also wany yo recieve the gift of holy spiret.

  31. Great work that you are doing,More grace as you continue to serve the Most High God.Mine is a lot,i dont even know where to start,

  32. Please pray for me,im in need of urgent divine intervention.My business has been grounded for almost six years now, i cant fend for my self and my family.I dont know what else to do.

  33. I am filing for divorce. Person was emotionally and verbally abusive to me. Other things have happened also that are very serious. Need ur prayers.

  34. Dear Prophet Climate,
    I am a born again – who has won many battles in Christ – even letting go of the unbelievers from my past.
    I pray that whatever is stopping me from leading a good and fulfilling life with the right spouse be destroyed in Jesus Mighty Name. I believe it is possible .
    I am certain I will have a testimony for you about my happiness and love.

  35. 1:Boldness and Spiritually Shift
    2:Financial Breakthrough(Iam in Dept)
    3:Prophetic Word Congregation Members and Myself.
    I need Jesus to intervene in my life,lead by the Holy Ghost.

  36. im on an internship program(Zimbabwe) and im looked down upon. there are also bad /false rumours. for months i have prayed for a job switch. i get a job offer and next minute they are suddenly silent. last week The lord finally answered me and i was called for an interview. i had hopes that this was my chance for the departure i have always wanted and needed. they still havent called and they said if they dont call by 1sept there is no hope. im deeply hurt by this. i also have those high school dreams and today i could not find my dissertation which i was working on. please, Bishop help me

  37. Man of God please help me,i have been my married for 4 years without a child,my marriage is falling apart because of the bad spirit in my home.. please help me i don’t want to lose my husband

  38. There two women working witchcraft on me feel like there winning in some ways because I’m the one being prosecuted but see I know about god and I’m sorry to say what I just said but I’m exhausted so so tired it’s so bad can’t focus but I don’t give up but I’m just so lost in my mind there’s dark spots over my body and I know it’s witchcraft but it’s my significant other mom and sisters it’s such a strong hold on him but he want believe me and I’m a good wife to him

  39. Hi bishop climate my names are nthabiserng debora bapela im in a cursed of 8 years now but i know god loves me ,me and my daughters when we to face to face with men their dick are waking up.also when we talk over the phone , and i want help becase is been a year looking for your church in south africa pretoriA PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE I EVEN TRIED TO CALL those numbers i found in the direction at sillers and esselen but i never found them i wish to see my star shining but i cannot win ,i know this time i will find the right directions i need also to oder mirracle pack please help me papa.and i lost my partner now is been three years i need your help papa in jesus name i receice a totall turn around in jesus name amen

  40. Please help me I really love my king the father of my 8 weeks baby boy, but after I give birth he changed alot, and don’t want me now Please help me to bring him back because I really love him

  41. I need prayer for a job, finances, getting my life together, etc. i feel hurt and defeated in all areas of life. Nothing good in happening to me. I know God hears my prayers.

  42. I recently left my husband and I have been praying for clarity since I have left to my parents house I have been praying to God asking God to show me a sign my husband has called me right now I have have no apartment my spouse works two jobs and he wants to be a part of my sons life I am in a lot of debt I went to my fathers house it is his birthday today I wished him a happy birthday belated he like belated means you are a day late ect ect my sister has filed my void in my fathers life. I am like a short of out cast ect

  43. Hi prophet I believe distance is not a barrier and I really need prayer I need stability in my life I’m in a relationship for 10 years.with the love of my life and I need a financial brakethrough really need a beter job aswel

  44. Hi Prophet,

    Ive been in financial hardship for many years now. Its very excruciating. My marriage is on the rocks. Im even contemplating suicide. I suffer in disgrace everyday. Please help.

  45. Good day prophet I discover you through your web site and read some of the testimony of people who contact you via your e.mail address .Man of God I want to seize this opportunity to narrate my problem to you. Sir I am going through a big challenge and difficulty that I can not solve my selves. I live in south Africa for over a decade now and thin are not going well at the moment very time I got a job it doesn’t last longer as I wish and also its difficult to find a proper wife to call my own and has affected my mental and back in Nigeria I am ashamed to give back or help my aging mother and live from hand to mouth,i do don’t understand where this attack is coming from pls man of God please help me

  46. I need to hear from the Lord concerning a decision I made and want total forgiveness and that the lord please protect my health, mind body and soul as well as my kids. I need an answer from him urgently as what to do. The same day he warned he to keep his word is the very day I failed him. I have been beating myself up and need to know that all is well and what decision do I need to make moving forward as well as healing my weakness be made my strengths.

  47. My husband has left me a few months ago, how do I get an answer from god? I pray every night for my husband to return and hear nothing

    1. My name is Mawethu I need prayer and deliverance I in debt I can’t afford to pay help me man of God’s

    2. I was in a relationship for 23 years and my boyfriend break up with me and is with another woman please pray for me to bring my boyfriend back.

    3. Fear not I send you an urgent email please check it . God Will locate him and bring him back. As I finish typing he is already back

    4. Hello my name is penny..I believe in asking you for a word from God..I haven’t been the same since my second son died at 42 ..I have 3 other kids ..I am a woman of God..I used to preach.a pastor but I try to get it all back..need a word from God please help..

  48. Hello,
    I need healing from my body. I have been dealing with pain and issues in my body the past 3 months. I know God is a good god and He wants me well. Thank you.

    1. Hi ! Ray,
      I have send you and an urgent email. you must read it as soon as possible. I need you to reply to me.
      As I have been praying over your issue God has revealed to me where the source is coming from , get in touch with me asap

      Please contact me asap Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449
      (WHATSAPP Number) +44 7448 583480

    2. Contact Me on UK +44 207 738-3668 Or USA +1 347 708 1449 also please check your email. I have send you more information

    3. My kids father left me. We have a beautiful one year old daughter and a handsome son who’s two. We been separated for a while. I’m ready for my broken family to be healed.

    4. Man of god
      My partner walk out on me .gone to be with another women
      Will he come back.
      Also I am bankruptcy always in debt.
      I have a back problem spinal stonoise I know god can make it ho away for good. Bless you man of god

    5. Please I need healing prayers for lower back pain I have been experiencing for 2 years now. It’s just keeps getting worse no matter what I do. Please do help me.

    6. Im going through a divorce that has really crushed me. We’ve bn married 26 yrs and he walked out. I tried saving it but he dont want it. Ive developed some health issues since hes left. I love him so much

    7. I have a big decision s to make and need God’s loving hand of guidance and wisdom to make the right decisions

    1. Hi ! Rose
      This prophet Climate I just send you an email. you must open it up and read it asap. I have word for you concerning your situation. This depression is not normal its actually assigned to cause you to quit and make a very dangerous decision. You must contact me before its too late. If possible see me in person .

      Please contact me asap Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449
      (WHATSAPP Number) +44 7448 583480

    2. I have financially problem 2 bank loans I can’t to send my daughter to a college because of money can u pray pastor for a miracle money

    3. Prophet please i have been fighting with depression to extent that i feel like am losing my memory at times and i fear a lot and this is due to too much hardship that i have been through for many years

  49. I just desire to know the will of God in my life.

    People hate me for no reason and guys rarely ask me out.
    I need help.

  50. Hi Prophet, I have been without a job for the last 2 years. Please pray that I get a job soon and have a stable financial situation. I don’t want 2019 to be wasted as I’m doing nothing at the moment and feel very sad. Please pray for me and help me.

  51. please pray for me and my son. a woman has been spreading lies about me on facebook and slandering my name.this a very mischievous woman who gets very personal and says anything to you about you. pray that no harm comes to me or my son and that God will bring her to disrepute and expose her for her who she is.

  52. Sir, my marriage is in jeopardy. My wife has left me. I have been praying that the blood of Jesus will cover us and restore and protect us, that we be reconciled and that our marriage be a testament to the power, glory, mercy and love of God. And while I know we must be patient as we await God’s work in our lives, the circumstances have me worried and panicked. We were facing homelessness, and her leaving sealed that for me, I have no home, so there is no home for her to return to. God gave me a job that I love, but I don’t make enough to afford rent where I live.

    Sir, a few months before we were married she asked me if I would wait for her if she ever left me. SHe has a way of saying things that later become truth, things that make no sense when she says them but become true later. I asked her a few questions, then said “Yes.” Now, three years later she’s gone from my life. I only want to know, should I wait for her?

  53. Want to know what’s going on with my life in the area of relationships.Need guidance far as personal dreams and goals

  54. hello my daughter ran from the house and doesn’t want to stay with me. i try to advice her to look to God , she doesnt even want to listen . many people of God even ordinary have counseled her but to vain. She tells people that may be i was not prepared to have a girl child. Please help

  55. Prophets Climate,
    I am desperately writing you. I feel like all is lost. I have suffered 2 strokes in the past year. I am financially challenged. I am at this moment facing eviction. Please I need a word for direction and guidance I feel hopeless. I need a miracle.

  56. Hello Prophet Sir I came across you on line in my YouTube videos! I am here because I need stability in my life and I need prayer for singleness!! I need direction in my life will you please help me! Been some things going on in my life and it hasn’t been good a Male individual I have thought I was close to for many years turns out to continue to be a deciever and I do believe has a very narcissistic spirit!! These things are too complicated for me I need a sure word about my life where it’s going and what I’m really should be doing!! Thank u Prophet Sir!

    1. Dear Natasha,

      To God belongs all the glory. I can see and I can feel all the frustrations that you have been going through, all these lack of stability is because of a serious flaw in your foundation, actually there is demonic foundation in your life. This has caused you to attract serious selfish and controlling people around you, always limiting your ability. God has commanded me to set you free. It happened. There three major issues when it comes to relationship where your life is concerned and its been affecting you since you came to age of maturity for marriage. I see I big spiritual obstacle that has been erected in your life. Its Important that this must come down. This strongman in your life must be terminated. I have send you and email. I need to talk to you very important steps that you must take before your next birthday. Contact me asap and let your journey to victory begin. +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668. Check your email. book appointment for one to one prophet session with me.

    2. I need healing in my life and I want to get married and also for my documents permanent residence permit

    3. Good morning, I signed up for a free prophetic reading and I didn’t get a confirmation.

    4. Hi Bishop I need your help for my granddaughter she has breast cancer stage4and in lot of pain can you please pray for healing her Trishana we need help

  57. I need a reading about my life work and money and luck my number 876 804 3886 you can watsapp me anytime

    1. Dear Felix Child Of God Today I declare That As you are moving forward to do battle with your enemies. Do not be fainthearted. Do not fear and tremble or be terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you to fight on your behalf against your enemies to give you victory.” Please call me now on the telephone Above to come in agreement with for a quick miracle

    2. Hi my name is Vaughn Rodgers, l was wondering if you could prophesy that l would be able to speak life and death in the power of my tongue please

    3. Please pray for my relationship for my child’s father to come back to baby and me it is frustrating and we had to leave from home please pray he calls us soon and tells us come home . My baby is miserable without his father and I am also . I’ve reached the end of the road dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety. Please help

    4. Hi man of God am a pastor in Uganda am in need of a financial breakthrough urgently speak a word over my life.

  58. it says ask and you will receive . please can you send me a miracle pillow i wake every night .

    1. Send me your address and we will ship it for you for free . be blessed From Prophet Climate

    2. Please pray for my asthma .
      Im currently housewife in japan whilst my husband on study here .
      But we pray for finances to help us n others .
      Pray for our kids too for education

    3. Prophet mbonye j need your prays about many things that has been happening in my life a bout my studies, relationship, family, finances and about robbery that has just happened. Thanks

    4. Hi Bishop I need your help for my granddaughter she has breast cancer stage4and in lot of pain can you please pray for healing her Trishana we need help

  59. I like to watch your TV channel
    Do you have a partina I South Africa
    Let me know please let would like to go to your charch

    1. Dear Doris,

      I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing Epilepsy for the past nine years, I can see and perceive that this is not ordinary sickness, especially if it has began on your adult life. This is spiritual attack designed to become a bondage. I can tell you its a spirit Called Jinn makatta, In the Bible we see it common in Matthew 17:14-18 , Mark 9:17-29. also we see it in Mark 5:1-20. I have send you an email and would like you contact me . you can be delivered Jesus Said somethings only goes out by fasting and prayer. I have Divine instruction for you. Contact me on +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668 .

    2. Prophet please help our relationship to be strong my girlfriend is so ignorant since she got pregnant….please pray for us
      By Tshepo and Michelle Thando

    3. Please pray for my asthma .
      Im currently housewife in japan whilst my husband on study here .
      But we pray for finances to help us n others .
      Pray for our kids too for education

    4. My name is Tommy we just spoke online I am facing a crises in my life I need help relationship wise work wise financially I’m stuck I was earning so much money and they took it ll from me and now I’m earning less then what I originally started with it hurts I’m stuck my partner has even stop supporting me financially its as if someone took all my source of income I can’t get a better job its hard it ruff my whole world is at a stand still after so much happiness and success and love

  60. I need financial freedom and a better job with a higher salary or even a business idea

    I’m tired of struggling and bearly getting by

    Please pray for me for help


    Celin galant








  62. I have been struggling with demonic oppression, please pray for me that I am delivered from this in Jesus name. Thank you.

  63. I fell in love with a man named diogo morgado he’s an actor that played jesus Christ in the movie son of God but it was spiritually that I fell in love with him never met him before but I’m in search for and of a husband from the lord a woman I think that I should be obligated to a real man from the jesus name amen

    1. Hi Bishop I need your help for my granddaughter she has breast cancer stage4and in lot of pain can you please pray for healing her Trishana we need help

    1. I see I spirit of singleness that has been assigned over your life. And this is because of jealousy and envy. You must act fast 21 days against this spirit of scatter. Call me for urgent prayers UK +44 207 738-3668 Or USA +1 347 708 1449

    1. I dreamt of nails in my head leg and top of feet.. No pain.. I was able to pull it out easily and prOceeded to put ointment of the scar of my head

    1. I see serious demonic attacks on your finances and progress, there are enemies of progress that have risen up against you. Contact me for Instant breakthrough. But also I see a spell that makes people forget you even after helping them. UK +44 207 738-3668 Or USA +1 347 708 1449

    2. Good evening! I am here for help,if I could get, my life is totally chaos after we moved in UK my husband loses his business and my family spends nearly half of his money, recently I lose my mother in law and every single day only arguing and big pressure in my house, I have very hard job plus household and etc. My husband sometimes is like he don’t know he is or don’t want to see me in his face.I sacrifice myself for good but nothing, no money no happiness even I forgot to laugh only tears. Please help me

    3. Dear Dalia

      I thank you for your mail. I have checked your situation in the spirit and I see serious issues that need to be addressed quickly before more misfortune falls upon your life and your family. What I see the star ⭐️ 🌟 💫 of your family has been blocked. When your star is blocked every becomes hard and failure becomes inevitable. Please contact me asap for special deliverance I will ask you to bring the soil of where you live so I can break the curse of the land. I will suggest before you come to see me familiarise yourself with my teaching about the stars . This will help to speed up your breakthrough. I see a great turn around in your life . Make sure you read my email on regular bases that I will send you.underline any important thing that gets your attention . I will suggest you to get the following things

      1. Miracle Pack –
      2. Overturning Demonic Judgement-
      3.Overcoming Every Evil Wish –

      Farewell & See you soon
      Kind regards
      From Prophet Climate

  64. Prophet Climate Wiseman i would like for you to break that Witchcraft curse off my life and my bless my bless been held up to long i want you to pray that the Governments release my money everytime they get ready to release it my family member send that Witchcraft at my bless Thank You iam from the USA

  65. Good afternoon sir, can u please pray for me to find job am not working I have 3 yrs looking for a job but still nothing am praying now n then but nothing happens.. please help me with prayers man of God I need to work

  66. I need my relationship restored. Been going through break up for months. Dealing with cheating with other women, family confusion from sisters. I love him and forgive him. Want him return home clean from evil curses/spirits. He is dealing with confusion from people causing problems for us.

  67. Man of God I want to build 2 churches in our nation. I am a pastor but money is the problem. I have given over $10.000 to help build one but I need a miracle here. Just recently I heard a preaching concerning God’s blessing to transfer the wealth of the wicked into the hands of the righteous. I like that. Will you agree with me and pray that God will command $3F million into our bank account to finish this project. This may sound funny but it’s making our God look like God when we pray.

  68. Praying for house want get foreclosure I have a court date Thursday @11 lord please I’m suffering with money problems jesus please dont let them take it from me I need roof for my. Baby 😭

  69. I am need of a spirual and physical healing for my friends and family and also myself…..and i pray for better finances for myself my family and friend i pray in jesus name amen.

  70. I have a muscle disaese (spastic spinal paraplegia) since almost 17 years. My arms and legs get more and more paralyzed. It’s getting worse…
    Since 6 years I can’t go out by myself. I am afraid to be complete bedridden one day. Thank you very much and god bless you.

    1. I have a muscle disaese (spastic spinal paraplegia) since almost 17 years. My arms and legs get more and more paralyzed. It’s getting worse…
      Since 6 years I can’t go out by myself. I am afraid to be complete bedridden one day. Thank you very much and god bless you.

  71. Pleas i nead i irgint merical.let mi ex girlfrend ria nouwrn as engel on mi fone let she fone me imidiatly and ask me to mofe back to her and she loves me agen more then eaver pleas pleas i love her so matche pleas pleas bring her back nouwe

  72. Having a very serious challenge with my marriage. I have been married for close to 12 years now with no SINGLE peace. My wife (Esther) gives me the most headache in life. The mother is not helping still as she gives her the backings to insult me and make mess of the marriage. I cannot talk to me wife without getting insulted. I have decided to break up with the marriage, only in the home because of the children we have together.
    Please advise me accordingly as I am completely fed up in this marriage and cannot continue in it again.

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Instant Testimonies !!