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Prophet Climate Ministries Live-Chat-Telephone-Webcam Consultation Services

Live Chat /Telephone/ Webcam

If you would like to have One To One phone Chat or LIVE Webcam with me all you need is to register and book your session you will need to possess a broadband internet that makes it easy; You need to book your session these comes with a standard fee based per minute, Prophet Climate does a LIVE Webcam Prophetic session every week, all what you have to do to avail yourself that time.

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Prophet Climate Ministries Face-to-face-Consultation Consultation Services

Face to face Consultation

As an approved Prophetic Ministry, These is an opportunity to meet The Man of God Face to face at our Offices in London, Edinburgh or New York, These sessions will include Interpreting of all your dreams, breaking generation curses, breaking the power of spell over your life. Also giving you God’s direction for your life. Pls Note that Bishop Climate is a prophet of Almighty God, doesn’t charge…

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Prophet Climate Ministries Letter-Consultation Consultation Services

Letter Consultation

Register Now, and begin to receive a regular Prophetic Word from the Man of God Bishop Climate , it’s all free, every month the Spirit of God gives the Bishop Climate A special prophetic Word for you and your family, with Special instruction that Guarantees your success every Month. To receive Your Free Monthly Prophetic Word Please Click Here Now.

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Prophet Climate Ministries VISIT-Personal-Consultation-png Consultation Services

VISIT / Personal Consultation

You can have the Man of God Visit your home or your business, for special blessing to break the powers of darkness over your territory, The Prophet God has visited many country under special invitation from Government, business and individual for special prayers, also for authority installation and higher offices spiritual cleansing, Many had been instructed through the dreams and…

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  • Financial Testimonies

    Greeting in the mighty name of Jesus prophet Climate , Ive just opened a letter from HM revenue containing a check for £266 and last week I received my second bill from EE from stating my balance was nil after throwing the previous bills I the fire. I thank god every day for your Prophecy over my life.

    Y. Copeland - England Miracle Money
  • The Miracle Coin Testimony

    God bless you sir, My name is Maryam I can't go to bed without sending you my good News. Today am so happy to share this testimony with you as God of Bishop Climate has done it again for me. I have being given my Ireland Naturalization today after ten years of waiting am free at last to travel and it was signed on the 27/10/2015 the same day I received my abundance coin and used it as you have instructed,I am really grateful to God for using you to encourage me when I was at the edge of given up thank you sir and I will really appreciate sir if I could get your Bank account to sow a seed of thanks giving please for my blessing to be permanent as this is just the beginning of plenty that you have prophesied over me sir. Thank you once again from Maryam T (Ireland).

    Maryam T - Ireland
  • Miracle Money

    I thank you all so much Every since I received my coin, Just as you prophesied I've been receiving money from strange resources, It's my season and thank you so much Amen

    From Kristie-USA Company
  • Abundance Of Wealth

    I hope this email finds you well, I am excited to write you this email and tell you what has been happening. A few months ago you prophesied that by September things will get better. I am happy to tell you that things have started getting better. I am doing better spiritually, financially and physically. Praise God. For the passed year we have been struggling financially to the point of having no food in our cupboards but God has always made a way for us at the very last moment. This month of October you prophesied that it is a month of abundance and Praise God we have started experiencing abundance. From having no money and no car this month we have bought a car, we paid all our bills in full, our grocery cupboards and fridge are full and have not gone empty and we still have money in the bank. We do serve a mighty miracle working God.

    C.K - USA Divine Provision

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    1. Dear Andrew more grace upon your life. as we speak now I am praying for you please call me on +44 20 7738 3668 There isa prayer of agreement that we need to pray with you .

  1. I need help persons hear in Houston, Texas is useing a psychotronic weapon on me or gang stalking they are destroying my life stole money from me and have done this to others please help i have no money they stole it and if use a debet card they’ll still that to.

  2. It’s my humble request to kindly take atleast 5 minutes from your time. Kindly pray that I may pass my jee-main exam with distinction. Pray that I may secure good marks and get seat in nitw college CSE branch. My exam is on 12 the April. Regards to you in Jesus name. Thanks

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Instant Testimonies !!
Instant Testimonies !!