AMAZING TESTIMONY – £22,000 Debt Cancelled After Putting It In Fire! Click Now

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Dear Child Of God, 



Just like this woman, thousands of people have experienced Miracles after Miracles, from debt cancellations, disappearance of chronic problems, termination of court cases and judgments, deliverance from fear, instant freedom from worries, dissolving of diseases, even death and disappearance of their enemies. God’s power to defend and protect his people has been made a reality through this Service.

God revealed to me that there are particular issues and persons whom they have been persistent and this morning when I was praying for you I heard in my spirit that their time is up. God will put to shame and dishonor all those who seek after your life and your happiness. After this fire service I see them being turned back and disappointed. As the fire burns your enemies, God’s Angel of vengeance will turn them to chaff, yes the great Angel will drive them away. 

I saw them laying traps against you without cause. Because of the wickedness in their heart they dug a pit for your life. As I was praying I saw destruction coming upon them when they didn’t know it. I saw all the traps they have set against you backfiring on them. After this fire service, I see your soul rejoicing in the Lord. That’s why you must act very fast. I anticipate a great number of prayer requests to be printed out. You must be quick . 

All those malicious evil witnesses that have risen up and are fighting against your cause, all those who have been rejoicing when you stumbled, all those profane mockers, I see the fire of God is about to deal with them. God will not be silent; all those who have set themselves against you will be put to shame and disappointed altogether. 


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This Coming Friday at 7:30PM it is your Turn!  Bring the list of all your problems, Red letters, photos, medical & legal documents; bring the list of all your ENEMIES. Enough is Enough! As we throw them in the Fire tonight, I see a new beggining coming! Yes You Are Starting Over With a New Chance at Life! 


Prophet Climate Ministries shutterstock_162957593 AMAZING TESTIMONY - £22,000 Debt Cancelled After Putting It In Fire! Click Now



Your hand will lay hold of all your enemies; your right hand will seize your foes. When you appear for battle, you will burn them up as in a blazing furnace. The Lord will swallow them up in his wrath, and his fire will consume them. (Psalms 21:8-9)

Who are the enemies of God? Anyone or anything that opposes the will of God in your life – sickness, disease, poverty, struggle, bad luck, failure, and the list goes on. But I have good news for you – The Word of God says that He will swallow them up and his fire will consume then. When? THIS COMING FRIDAY! As you believe and act on His Word. Just like this Woman – receive your Miracle today. All things are possible if you only believe. 

Today you Must come in Agreement with the Word of God and what better way to do that then to present your Prayers & Offerings to God. 

I want you to take a step of Faith. Submit your Fire Request NOW and Sow a Seed according to this Scripture of Psalms 21. Or it could be according to Psalms 37 or Psalms 68 (other promises of God regarding your deliverance) Or whatever you can afford, your Faith tonight will determine your Miracle! Remember also that your donation helps to offset the cost of printing your prayer request.

Submit Your Prayer Request Now

(Remember to only write things which you want God to get rid of)

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Praying for your Success,

Prophet Climate

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  1. Witch craft Candice Augurs and a warlock in my building attacking my body daily and nightly I want lucy Pringle out of my life also I prayed for a miracle to get them out of my life permanently I want to be able to go in my kitchen to cook and eat go in my bathroom take a shower use the toilet with out her in there over my head attacking me she lives upstairs I give this to God it’s in his hands I believe my prayers are going to be answered it’s my time for prosperity God is on my side I give my life to him so he can use me he got me I’m a devoted Christian hallelujah I am blessed

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