Prayer Agreement Form


Prophet Climate Ministries 2 Prayer Agreement Form

Yes Prophet, Please Come In Agreement With Me That After Today I Will Never Again Miss My Season!

Prophet Here Are The Areas Where Am Believing God For Abundance & Increase
Prophet Here Are The Areas Where I Have Been Experiencing Decrease & The Curse Of Man

4 Replies to “Prayer Agreement Form”

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus l believe and we receive it by faith only trust in You and your words,we honour Prophet Climate Wiseman in Jesus name.

    1. Sister shimel I’m in agreement with you receive every blessing and every favour into your life I see a new season that is about to rise up with new favours with the new breakthroughs in your life in Jesus name

  2. You are in a spirit of witchcraft God says in isaiah 47 that those who take part in astrology will be burned in stuble and he forbade thecisrealites to worship the host of heaven duet 18 so repent and stop worshiping the stars

    1. Dear Sylvia,
      You area idiot and you lack knowledge we never worship stars. Read Matthew 2:1-10 You will see that Jesus Has star. Your lack of knowledge I see has made you poor and a failure in life full of bitterness. You need to repent To learn More about the star and its relationship to your destiny please click here

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