These Are 3 Stones That Will Cause All Your Problem To Go Away

7 Days of Deliverance – 7 Days of Miracles

7 Days that Will Change Your LIFE!


Prophet Climate Ministries joshua-and-the-walls-of-jericho These Are 3 Stones That Will Cause All Your Problem To Go Away

Dear Child Of God,

Are you ready for your life to move forward? Are you ready to come out of the wilderness? Are you ready to overcome those storms of life that have been holding you hostage since the beginning of the year? Are you ready for those demonic cycles to end once and for all? Are you ready to see the future clearly? Are you ready to be 100% certain about what you should be doing? Are you ready for God to visit you? 

If you watched our Sunday service then you have a taste for what’s about to come. But I want you to know one thing, that the challenges you have been facing are not a surprise to me. No, the hell you have been going through lately is not an unexpected thing. Because what is about to happen during the next 7 days is going to be so life-altering that it has all hell on high-alert. Oh yes, every discouragement you have been facing the past 1, 2, 3, 4 months, has been just a demonic setup to throw you off course, to make sure you don’t reach your destiny, to make sure you don’t fulfill your assignment, to make sure you miss out on God’s plan for your life. 

Yes just like Jesus faced one of the greatest storms of his life as he was on his way to the region of Gadarenes, I see your greatest breakthrough is just up ahead. Yes just like that demonic storm tried to stop Jesus from His Divine Assignment, every demon has been assigned to stop you from getting there too. That is why things have been so tough lately. But I see you have held on and you are going to make it. 

The next 7 days marks a spiritual journey, similar to the one we took at the beginning of the year. But now we are going to take it to another level. At the beginning of the year we laid the foundation which has prepared us for this, and now we are about to deal with those deep-seated issues. Those underlying problems that have been keeping you captive for too long. Yes you and all your family are about to experience the Power of God like never before. I see God is clearing out your house. I see God is getting rid of some issues you didn’t even know were there. I see some long unfulfilled desires are about to come to pass. Yes I see the purpose for which God called you to Him many years ago is going to be revealed. I see your life is about to make sense again. Yes I see your star shining. 

Watch Prophet Climate has he Visits The Old City Of Jericho In Holy Land.

Taking your Prayer Requests With Him




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Last Monday marked the first day of this seven day journey. If you remember last year I went to Israel and I visited the ruins of Jericho where I was able to collect 3 stones from the original wall that had fallen down. These 3 stones experienced the power of God so many years ago when Joshua and the tribe of Israel marched around them for 7 days. These 3 stones remember what happened, they tell a story, they are a testimony to the miracles of God. And just like God did it all those years ago, He is going to do it again. I have those 3 stones with me and I will be using them throughout this week as we place our Jericho Walls on the table and we walk around it as a symbol of what the children of Israel did. 




Child Of God, Now I want you to send me your list of Jericho Walls and I will print them personally on your behalf (Remember these are the issues that you want to Fall down. DO NOT send positive things, like healing, new house, children,etc. You must write the areas of your life which you want to fall, ex. sickness, bad luck, lack of good mate, etc.) As you do that, remember to send ahead your Special Offering as a Seed of Faith for what God is about to do. As we start off this week, we are believing God according to the book of Hebrews 13:8 which says that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. As you sow that seed, you are declaring that what God did to the walls of Jericho over 2000 years ago, that same power is going to bring down every Jericho Wall in your life. Every stubborn problem, every proud person, every mocking sickness, every issue that doesn’t want to move, watch God sort it out. 

Child Of God,, I feel so strong in my spirit that as you embark on this journey, God is going to reveal you your destiny. There are some things that have been hiding, there are some things which you have not yet seen up to now, and because of that you have lost all hope. But when the Jericho Walls fall, all will be revealed. Yes I see a beacon of hope rising up over your life; things are going to make sense again. Where it seemed that all hope was lost, actually you are just around the corner to your breakthrough. You are about to see your miracle with your own eyes. What you have been waiting on God to do for years, He is about to do it.  

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Watch this Powerful Experience that took place during last year’s Conference of Jericho Walls – where the prayer requests of the saints began to heat up as I laid my hands on them. Many witnessed and felt the heat. I believe this year is going to be even greater. Yes you can expect miracles to take place, you can expect great things to happen!


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Remember we are fasting as of now for the next 21 days. Yes we are all participating in the Daniel’s Fast (which means no meat, no fish, no chicken) for the next 3 weeks. So I want you to join with us in this corporate fasting for the power of God to move in your life.  

Join us LIVE from London Monday, July 3 at 8PM GMT at (Check your emails for an update when our Broadcast goes live).  

Committed To Your Breakthrough

Prophet Climate

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  1. Bad luck in life money problems negative energy in life must fall. Need God to let all these areas fall please.

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