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Dear Child of God,

The Lord revealed to me that there is a spirit of Ben-Hadad that has been assigned over your life and this spirit has activated 32 other spirits against you to ensure total defeat. But as the prophet of God over your life, I came to declare, all those that have risen up against you for your defeat, the Lord shall deliver them into your hand, and you shall know and realize that He is the Lord.

When Ben-hadad and his army of 32 kings first came to Ahab, the king of Israel, he demanded his wives, children, silver and gold, and Ahab did not refuse; he gave it all to him. But as soon as he received that confirmation, Ben-hadad demanded more. 

I see a spirit of Ben-hadad that has surrounded you in your working place, they have surrounded your marriage, and slowly by slowly they have been pushing you towards your destruction, towards your failure, towards your frustration. Yes, they have been pushing you towards your death, your career death, your marriage death, your financial death. But today in the name of Jesus, I rebuke that spirit and I command it to die by fire!

I see this spirit of Ben-Hadad has been trying to intimidate you, but it’s time for you to stand your ground. Listen, you cannot negotiate with territorial spirits, they will never stop demanding more. And that is why tonight and this weekend we are going to take the first step. Every spirit of Ben-Hadad that has been squeezing you, demanding more, I command it to die by fire!

When the prophet came to King Ahab, he told him to gather his army and take the first step; he told him to order the battle.  

Then a prophet came to Ahab king of Israel and said, Thus says the Lord: Have you seen all this great multitude? Behold, I will deliver it into your hand today, and you shall know and realize that I am the Lord. Ahab said, By whom? And he said, Thus says the Lord: By the young men [the attendants or bodyguards] of the governors of the districts. Then Ahab said, Who shall order the battle? And he answered, You. (1 Kings 20:13-14)

Child of God you cannot wait until the problem hits you before you take action. There is a season when kings go to war (2 Samuel 11:1). And tonight, we must order that battle, take the first step, and get victory. Yes, right now is the time to go to war through your prayers, through your seed, and through your praise. 

Now Here’s What You Must Do: 

1) Right now I need you to send me your prayer request with all the areas of your life where you have been facing intimidation, people and situations always demanding more from you. 

2) This is the season for war. I need you to build a special altar against every spirit of Ben-Hadad in your life, according to 1 Kings 20:13 of £20.13. I want to encourage you to take it a step further and sow a double portion of £40.26. You can even give £201.30; just be sure to do it in faith. As you build up that altar, every spirit of Ben-Hadad is going to be defeated in your life. 

3) This coming Sunday is our Miracle Frankincense Service. Tonight as we declare war, I’m going to be lifting up your prayer request before the Lord on Sunday as well, for a special miracle of deliverance in your life. From this moment I pray that God will always allow you to discern the season for battle so you can never be caught off guard again. 

4) Join Me Tonight @7:30PM UK Time for the 1st Declaration of Battle and again on Sunday at 12PM UK Time. Victory is yours in Jesus name!



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Yours In Prophecy,
Prophet Climate Wiseman

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  1. I need your powerful prayers for an urgent need in funds to register my company have been offered but no company certificate.

    1. Geno, This is your season so get ready every demonic delays in your life Must die by fire. Let connect over this Months Fire Miracle Service. As you follow the instructions that I will give I see An end To all your problems . Click here

    1. Tricia, Drop me a prayer request And I will uplift your family before the altar this weekend Click here to submit

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