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Do you I feel like a lost soul, without sense of purpose or direction.Do you really need urgent solution…

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Have you been hearing Voices, Low energy levels, Impulsive behaviour, Memory problems
Poor concentrationSudden onset of physical problems

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You feel frustrated. Do you get frustrated when you are forced to wait and do nothing? Do you feel…

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Are you feeling hurt right now because of the loss of a friend, Job , Business , a break-up, the death…

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Do You Feel Like You Are Drowning And Being Crushed By All That Is Happening In Your Life, In Relationship Business Right Now? Do You Feel Overwhelmed and you need urgent help Now ….

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Do You Feel That Something Not Normal Is Happening In Your Finances .Do you really need urgent solution…

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Are Experiencing witchcraft attack ? strange things happening, unusual change of circumstances, Do you really need urgent solution…Click here 

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Have you been experiencing constant rejection in your life and you don’t know why? .Do you really need urgent solution…

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What People Are Saying 

  • Financial Testimonies

    Greeting in the mighty name of Jesus prophet Climate , Ive just opened a letter from HM revenue containing a check for £266 and last week I received my second bill from EE from stating my balance was nil after throwing the previous bills I the fire. I thank god every day for your Prophecy over my life.

    Y. Copeland - England Miracle Money
  • The Miracle Coin Testimony

    God bless you sir, My name is Maryam I can't go to bed without sending you my good News. Today am so happy to share this testimony with you as God of Bishop Climate has done it again for me. I have being given my Ireland Naturalization today after ten years of waiting am free at last to travel and it was signed on the 27/10/2015 the same day I received my abundance coin and used it as you have instructed,I am really grateful to God for using you to encourage me when I was at the edge of given up thank you sir and I will really appreciate sir if I could get your Bank account to sow a seed of thanks giving please for my blessing to be permanent as this is just the beginning of plenty that you have prophesied over me sir. Thank you once again from Maryam T (Ireland).

    Maryam T - Ireland
  • Miracle Money

    I thank you all so much Every since I received my coin, Just as you prophesied I've been receiving money from strange resources, It's my season and thank you so much Amen

    From Kristie-USA Company
  • Abundance Of Wealth

    I hope this email finds you well, I am excited to write you this email and tell you what has been happening. A few months ago you prophesied that by September things will get better. I am happy to tell you that things have started getting better. I am doing better spiritually, financially and physically. Praise God. For the passed year we have been struggling financially to the point of having no food in our cupboards but God has always made a way for us at the very last moment. This month of October you prophesied that it is a month of abundance and Praise God we have started experiencing abundance. From having no money and no car this month we have bought a car, we paid all our bills in full, our grocery cupboards and fridge are full and have not gone empty and we still have money in the bank. We do serve a mighty miracle working God.

    C.K - USA Divine Provision

35 Replies to “The Home Of Deliverance & Miracles”

  1. I have been praying to God that I pass my waec exams with good grades and get a scholarship to study at the University of Arizona, I believe in God and I know he is a miraculous God. Please, Prophet help to pray to God.

    1. Amen Be blessed I see the favour of God over your life. Declare Daniel 1:17 3 times a day
      Daniel 1:17 NIV
      [17] To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.

      Also please email me and I will send A miracle pen.

  2. My wife left me due to my own mistakes and iniquities. I pray to deck the face of God in my life and so my wife and family can come back to me .

    1. Dear Nsongo. I see The reason why your wife left you is because there is generational curse of the spirit of singleness . you can be delivered here is the link for online deliverance program from the spirit of singleness

    1. Yes but I see in my spirit that there some serious spiritual blocks that needs to be removed off from your path of happy marriage. There are some serious demonic issues that must be cleared Click here to be start your deliverance

  3. Hello bishop,im getting anxiety,its happening frequently,the passed is haunting me,Please break the spirit of fear

    1. Dear susan,
      I see there is a spirit of fear, actually an element of darkness. Susan I have prayed and I see there is spell of darkness that has been activated to ruin your life. I need you to contact me and you need to listen to subcribe and listen to this special podcast. I suggest that you listen to it about 7 times to achieve maximum results.

      also make sure you do follow the instruction that I send you on the email. I have also recommended the following book from amazon to help you

      Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449 +44 7448 583480 (WHATSAAP ONLY)

    1. Hi ! Sabrina
      I have send you and email please contact me on the information that I have provided. I have your prophecy ready

    1. Hi ! Tania,
      I did send you email please check on your inbox or spam folder. All things are possible I see a demonic altar that has been cast upon your marriage. you need urgent help. please contact me come and see me in person.
      Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449 +44 7448 583480 (WHATSAAP ONLY)

    2. I want my husband to come over to me I’m waiting for him he has been flirting with another lady and that lady has a child which belongs to another man but she kept on pushing it to my husband that is why my husbands mind is all over the place and our marriage problem it’s still unsolved n it’s almost gonna be 2 year now since 2018. Help me some how

    3. Dear Josephine,

      There is a spell that has been cast upon your husband. But Also your marriage tree has been uprooted. Everyone we have a tree. There four types of curses that can released
      1.curse of the spirit
      2.Curse of Man
      3.Curse Of The Land
      4.Curse Of The tree

      Its seems to me all this have been activated. The chances of you getting back your husband are little bit slim but all that can be overturned. Through special Prayers and fasting
      This book here will give you all the answer concerning These Curses

  4. My husband left me 5 months ago, then 3 months ago a prophet found me and told me my husband was coming back, I never believed in god but I do now, I’ve been praying everyday for 3 months and he doesnt answer me

    1. Hi ! Tania
      we can get it sorted out asap
      Please contact me asap Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449 +44 7448 583480 (WHATSAAP ONLY)

    1. Hi ! Sheila,

      I just dropped you an email. I have been praying for you.God has revealed to me what been going deep in your life. you must contact me asap
      Please contact me asap Call Our Powerful Prayer line that are open 24/7 Days A week


      UK PRAYER LINE TEL +44 207 738 3668
      FOR NORTH AMERICA: +1 347 708 1449
      (WHATSAPP Number) +44 7448 583480

  5. I am having a problem with my fiancees family dictating our relatioits like he cant be in the same room as usnship, finances and the raising of our kids. Now

    1. Hi ! Glow. I have seen your situation and prayed over it , it seems there evil forces of manipulation that are at work in your life. Something have been activated to destroy your relationship, urgent measure are required as soon as possible please contact me, book for one to one consultation or com and see me in person here in london. I have send you an email. please check it my personal contact are there. or all the number on our site. Remember even this mountain you are facing can be moved. With God all things are possible – Prophet Climate .
      Glow I have a powerful online deliverance program that i can recommend for maximum results

  6. I have a lot of health issues and family problems,I am going through a most stressful will be my future.Please do profecy for me.

    1. Dear Jyoshna, I see in my spirit that there are 3 elements that you are facing. One of them is a generation curse, this was result of spell that was cast upon the roots of your family tree. this must be removed, I have written you and email. please respond as soon as possible. Yes I see there is hope for your future but you will need divine guidance into it. You will need to deal with those root issues. I recommend this deliverance program.

    2. Dear man of God,i need a turn around in finances, im jobless,in debt,my marriage is dead,i just feel like a failure,i feel like everything i try just fails,im just helpless i dont know what to do,its like im dying inside and noone can hear me crying or calling for help.I need your help

    3. Dear Derek, I see A curse of Failure and Vagabond spirit over your life. I need you to join me for the next 21 days for serious fasting for open heavens . I have send you and email with instruction on how got get started please check it, if you can’t find it check on the spam folder.

  7. Hi prophet, I Pray Jesus will never leave you but
    guide u always.
    Am Bibitayo from Nigeria… I want you to please
    pray for me for a breakthrough and turning point
    maritally,business,spiritually… and God should
    cease every power of the enemy over my life. you
    can reach me on Thanks
    and God bless you.

  8. I live in NW Indiana US. My in-laws have been using black magic in an attempt to destroy me and my husband. We cannot get ahead financially. At work I cannot get promoted. We have debt. Our beautiful property is no longer beautiful. We are stuck. No advancement in life. Nothing good has happened for us since we got married. We have been effected physically financially and spiritually. Currently a woman at work who goes by the name of Kat is trying to ruin my job and reputation. Please help us break free had have the lives we were supposed to have. Thank you

    1. Hi ! Betty,

      Yes I can help, I see in my spirit that there is a spirit of confusion, rejection and failure which has been permanently assigned over your life. But God grace has been over you and your wonderful husband. But time running out that’s why things are getting tighter all the time. You need HHD (Heavy Heavy Deliverance) ASAP. Your situation can be fixed. and results begin to be seen between 3-8 weeks. There is a lot grave dirt that has been used for years and contaminated a lot of your possession. You need total sanctification for favour and prosperity to flow again in your life. Please I have send you a message book for One To One Prophet Hour so I can get you sorted out as soon as possible. you can book online or call +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668 .

  9. Dear prophet Climate.there is no peace n love in our husband in relationship with muslim lady zeenat jeeva dangeros made witchcraft for my husbandeverytime there is fightbtween us bcos of her.he send her money n gifts slowlyin south africa n he wants herall the time to chat or vdeocall he dont talk much to me or my son.he dont gv me money also she tells him not to talk sit or sleep with me nor my pic anywhere.hes complete different man listeng to her as his wif n like m his enemy in the hous .please pray i m fed up seperte that woman i pray to jesus easter day 21st april my husband birthdayplease pray thank u.i hv frozen shoulder pains badly pls pray thank u i thank god

  10. I need a miracle. I’m going through cancer testing and my doctor has me concerned I’m so afraid

    1. Dear Venessa, Fear Not I can see in my spirit that there is Generational curse trying to manifest itself. But today In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I command that curse to be broken. I have special word for you please contact me Now +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668

  11. Please prophet of God help me,am Becky irabor leaving in Germany but things are not working well with me and my husband no work am going to 43, no children to call mind, ever my parents back there in Africa thay are not good time because one problem and the other please am bagging you in name of God help me this is my first time in your peg

    1. Dear Becky I see in my spirit that there 3 types of curses that has been activated in your life
      1. Barrenness
      2. Miscarriage
      3. Death
      Just like in the 2 kings 2:18-22 God has given me a powerful solution Please get in touch with me asap on +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668
      I have send you prayer points to get you started

  12. Hello,
    Im.writting because my daughter hasnt spoken to me in over 5yrs. My son ok nly when he wants something. Can you help me? Also I’ve lost 2 things….my high school class ring and my pink purse.please can you help with these things?

    1. Dear Barbra,

      After taking time to pray for you, there are few things that have come so strong, the spirit of God has revealed to me that there is a spirit of singleness in your life and a special demonic mask has been put on your face. This needs to be dealt asap . I need to anoint you face and break every curse of rejection over your life. You will need 21 days of special Daniel fasting. Your situation can be sorted out as soon as possible Watch this testimony and Call me as soon as possible.
      +1 347 708 1449 / +44 207 738 3668

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