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A CHANCE TONIGHT !!! 4 hours To Go For Me To lift Your Family Pictures..On Top Of The Hill

In Life There Battles That Can Only Be Won On Top Of The Mountains. 




Dear Saint, 

Hi I am in Scotland, In the Highlands . I really apologise cause I didn’t have enough time in my hand to write everything. So I chose to record the video below to explain what God has spoken to me about your family, please listen careful.  Something great is about to happen tonight. I don’t want you to miss it. No matter what time you receive this email I am here for the next 7 Days. 

Just like Prophet Moses . Today I Must stand on the top of the hill with the picture of your Family in my hands ( Exodus 17:9) There Battles That Can only be won On Top Of The Mountains. 






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Yours In Prophecy 

Prophet Climate 

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Day 5 : The Chains Are Broken….. RECEIVE THIS PROPHECY FOR YOU!

School of Prophecy

The Chains Are Broken! The Chains Were Holding It But Now It’s Free…”

“Parcels! Parcels! Parcels!…”

“House Number 9 Freedom!…”


Dear Child Of God

Last night was another night of prophecy, as the spirit of prophecy moved upon the congregation and people began to speak the utterances of God. Tonight there was one particular theme going throughout the house and it was the “Chains Are Broken”. As one after another began to speak, there was a cry of release, a sound of freedom, a sound of chains being broken.

Remember a prophesy is to edify and build up the church. It’s not just for one person to receive, but for many. So even if you weren’t able to attend in person, you can still be able to receive what God has for you.

The Bible says in Numbers 11:29 that Moses desired that all men would prophesy. And we read in 1 Corinthians 14:1 that we are to earnestly desire the gifts, ESPECIALLY the gift of prophesy. This is to let us know that there is no limit to what you can receive from God, it’s all according to your desire. For if any of you lack, you should ask God who gives liberally to all men. (James 1:5)

Child Of God,  God is doing something new, he wants to take us to another level, he wants to open up His divine will and purpose upon your life so that you can know and be sure of exactly what you are supposed to be doing. This is what has people going crazy year after year because they feel they are on t, e great circle of life ever running but never getting anywhere. This is why the fortune telling industry is a multi billion dollar industry, because everyone wants to know their future. And this is why many souls have been lost and abused and taken advantage of by false prophets because they make themselves vulnerable by seeking out any person that attempts to speak over their life. But God has something much more better for you! We came to realize that you yourself can earnestly desire this gift of prophesy, so that you yourself can prophesy over your life. You can know the plans of God for your life. No more walking in the dark.

Then you will experience this in your life, “Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21). It’s time for you to build up your life based on the heavenly will. It’s time to build up your children, it’s time to build up your family. It’s time to go to a new level that God has for you.


I hope you were able to watch, if not please check on my Facebook for a limited time you can still catch the recap. You truly had to be there to experience the move of God. We are witnessing what it says in the book of Joel 2:28 “And afterward I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”

Child Of God, Below are some of the prophecies that came forth. These are also for you to receive and lay hold on.

“House number 9, Freedom!”  – If you are living in house number 9, freedom has been proclaimed for you.

“Parcels! Parcels! Parcels!” – One woman saw many parcels coming to the saints of God. These are blessings, breakthroughs, favors, and even physical parcels of documents, status, good news, money, and much more! Receive that in Jesus name

“The chains were holding it, but now it’s free”

In addition to this there was multiple prophecies that kept repeating itself through many different people, all of them having to do with a sacrificial seed, that is a sacrificial seed to be given to the man of God in exchange for the blessing. For you have a divine calling, you have a divine destiny, and you need it to be activated. Just like Abraham released the blessing upon Isaac and Isaac released the blessing upon Jacob, there are some people that God wants to transfer the anointing upon my life to you. When Jacob went to receive the blessing from his father, he didn’t come empty handed. The Bible says that a meal was prepared and Jacob brought it to him. There was an exchange taking place. Prophecy is what opens up your destiny. It’s what unlocks your future. It’s what changes you into the man or the woman you are supposed to be. 

One woman heard three specific names. Stephanie, Amir, and Rose. If one of those names means anything to you or relates to you anyway then know this word was for you. You will know that it’s for you. There is already a confirmation in your spirit. But what God is saying is to not delay. You must make that sacrificial seed before the end of 21 days. Before January 21, you must present your sacrificial offering to the man of God for your destiny to be changed. Remember that prophecy is not just for one person but for many, even if your name is not one of the three above, you can still move upon it. Since yesterday there is a sense of urgency, every prophecy is coming with an urgency to ‘act quickly and to not delay”. For in this 21 days there is a window of opportunity that has opened up for all those willing to take advantage of it.

Child Of God, Right now I want you to get yourself ready, today we are beginning to discover the 7 Pillars of Wisdom. Up to now it has just been an unveiling of what God is getting ready to do in the body of Christ. We are going back to the original gospel, it’s all about Jesus being glorified and things being done right, His way, in His church. Continue to send me your prayer requests of which areas you need God to grant you wisdom and understanding.

I have been impressing daily not to write any New Years Resolution or not to make any plans for the year 2018. You must wait until the 7th day is over. You must wait until the final downloading of His divine will and purpose is done in your life. After this 7 days, you will know exactly what you are to do, and from there you can plan your way. 

 Yesterday we witnessed an outpouring of His spirit according to Joel 2:28 “And afterward I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” Today I want you to submit your prayer request for Day 5 and believe God that He’s going to pour out His Spirit on you. He is no respecter of persons, the only requirement is faith. Go ahead and do it now!

To Submit Your Day 5 Prayer Agreement Form For Spirit Of Prophesy

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Today you need to join me for DAY 5 21 Day Daniel Fasting and Wisdom Conference and Strategic Prayers. You can’t afford to continue in 2018 without the wisdom of God this is crucial to your success in every area of your life. Tomorrow I am going to unlock the secrets about the ancient Pillars and wisdom and be able to impart some more wisdom into your lives.

Call Now 24/7 Prayer & Deliverance  Hotline Tel: +44 207 738 3668 

During this week’s Power Wisdom Conference requires a few instructions that you must follow; 

1.) You have to be here physically We have 7 days and you have to tarry here to receive the wisdom of God as there are things you need to learn and things that we need to exercise. If you live remotely, in the UK, surrounding areas make extra effort to be here on time for these 7 days only.   

2.) Remember we are doing 21 Daniel Fasting according to the book of Daniel 1:8-16 for 21 days straight. That means you can eat any time of the day but No Fish, No Sea Food, No Chicken, No Meat and no alcohol is Allowed. Start all over again if you break.  

3.) Invest In a Notebook that you can get to write in this week as I take you through the ancient pillars of wisdom. 

4.) Don’t write down any New Years Resolutions. Don’t write anything for 2018 until we reach the 6th day and I give you the final instructions. 

5.) Connect with me on a daily basis on email, across my social media, even connect and call our TKC Prayer Centre. Do all that you can within this week as I share with you, as this is the wisdom that you need to be able to connect with. 

 Remember we are doing Daniel Fasting according to the book of Daniel 1:8-16 for 21 days straight. That means you can eat any time of the day but No Fish, No Sea Food, No Chicken, No Meat and no alcohol is Allowed. This is a Special Cleansing Fast that God has instructed me for us to do it at the beginning of this year. (And if you eat meat or consume alcohol by mistake you must begin the 21 days fasting all over again).


1. There will be spiritual Clearance and Cleansing For 2018

2. Good Health Every sickness and Diseases must leave your body (Healing for 2018)

3. Favour, Everywhere You Go. I see Favour and God’s Glory with you this year

4. Divine Wisdom, Power and energy to accomplish all that you need to accomplish for 2018


Please Remember to download your Daily teaching and listen again to discover what God is doing in your life.


From Prophet Climate

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DAY 3 : It Was For This Reason Why You Are Unable Move Forward In your Life …

Dear Reader,   

There were 7 types of fear that the children of Israel had to conquer before they could bring down Jericho. Yesterday we dealt with the first one, the Fear of the Unknown.

Could this be what has always been hindering your progress? Could this be what has been keeping your life stagnant for years? Could this be the reason why there is nothing of significance to show for your life? The reason why you are stuck? The reason why every time you start something you always stop? The reason why you can’t move forward?

After 40 years of wandering the desert, the Lord spoke to His people and told them the time has come to enter the promise land. The first thing he did was take them to River Jordan, where they had to cross over. After that they went up to conquer Jericho.

Did you know Jesus also took the same journey? After being baptised in River Jordan, He had to go and conquer satan in Jericho. (Matt 4)


Child of God, It is not a coincidence that we too are taking that journey. I told you this year is the year that God is taking over. Last year your season of Wilderness ended, and now things are changing. We crossed over Jordan at the beginning of the year, we spiritually disarmed the Seven Big Territorial spirits. And now we have arrived at Jericho.


When the children of Israel arrived to Jericho, the manna they had been eating from heaven for the past 40 years ceased. For 40 years they were not working, they did not have to toil the land, they were receiving fresh grace and favour from heaven. But the day they reached Jericho, all of that stopped. For the first time ever, they would have to plant and harvest.

And the manna ceased on the day after they ate of the produce of the land; and the Israelites had manna no more, but they ate of the fruit of the land of Canaan that year. (Josh 5:12)


You ask me what is all this about? I see right now you are at a season in your life where things are no longer easy, everything around you has become so difficult to the point that makes you just want to give up. But because of the situation you are in, this time, you have nowhere to run. This time you can’t give up. This time you have to face your fears, and move forward. You need to confront those uncomfortable situations and overcome instead of backing down. Because the Lord is saying it’s time to grow up, I’m taking away the props, I’m taking away the favors, I’m taking away that period of grace, not because of anything but because I need you to get strong now, I need you to grow some wings so that you can be ready for what is coming. For the future I have for you is great, and I need you to be able to fly. The baby stage is finished now, it’s time to start walking on your own. Yes I did allow you to get away with some things before, but now you can’t get away with that anymore. I need you to confront this fear of the unknown.


The Fear of the Unknown can cause you to abandon your destiny, it can freeze your life so that you never fulfil your God-given purpose. You just remain a person with incredible potential but never realizing the fruit of it. But this cannot rule your life any longer. It’s time to bring it down.


By the law of nature we will always go with the path of least resistance. That is the path of comfort, the path of “easy”. But you can’t get to where God wants you by doing that. And that is why God has increased the heat. Yes that is why for the past 6 months things have been getting more intense, becoming even more challenging. Sometimes you feel like screaming, sometimes you feel like running away.


But this is not the time for that. God’s hand is at work here. And you need to see your situation for what it is. God is forcing you to confront those fears. He is forcing you to change, to grow, to expand your capacity for what he has for you.


If you want to prosper, you need to grow up. If you want to really be successful and bring to fruition those things that God has placed in your heart, then it’s time to get real. You can’t keep hiding behind your glory days. You can’t survive on the successes of yesterday. They are gone! And tomorrow is waiting.


But that is why God has called us to bring down the Walls of Jericho. That is why everyday we are meeting, we are sending in our prayer requests, we are sowing our seeds, we are taking our spiritual actions, trusting God to sort out everything in the natural.


But it WILL take some action on your part in the physical. You need to identify, what are those areas that always hold you back? What areas of your life are stagnant because of something in your life you refuse to change? What are those habits that are always leading to your downfall? Identify them and then do something about it. 


Today I have the most Powerful Prayer Points that are going to help you to bring down this Wall of the Fear of Unknown. You must pray the loud 7 times, I see chains coming off your destiny. 


God has instructed to ask you to send your prayer requests daily, Now I want you to send me your list of Jericho Walls and I will print them personally on your behalf (Remember these are the issues that you want to Fall down. DO NOT send positive things, like healing, new house, children, etc. You must write the areas of your life which you want to fall, ex. sickness, bad luck, lack of good mate, etc.) 

To Submit Your Day 3 Of Bringing Down The Jericho Walls Prayer

Agreement Form Click here 

Remember the children of Israel were instructed to walk around Jericho Walls every day for 7 days. That is why we are submitting our prayers and sowing our seed each and every day. If you’re serious about these Walls Coming Down, if you are saying Man of God enough is enough, my Life has to move Forward. I have to Make Progress. I must break these chains that have held me back for years, Then I want you to click on the button below and follow the instructions! Today is Day 3, we’re nearly half way there already and these strongholds must be demolished out of your life once and for all. 


To Submit Your Day 3 Of Bringing Down The Jericho Walls Prayer 

Agreement Form Click here 



Today I have 13 Powerful Prayer Points on Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown which you MUST PRAY 7 Times before sunset today which I am going to send you. 



It’s time to rise up and put your enemies to shame. We are declaring War. This is your Time. 

Remember we are LIVE tonight in London from 8PM GMT at I’ll see you there!

Committed to Your Breakthrough, 

Prophet Climate



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