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Day 2: Now That Someone Has Seen Your Star … This Is The Help That You Need! Click Now


Dear Child Of God,

Do you feel like you have always walked through life misunderstood, misrepresented, and mistaken? Have you always received the short hand in life, no matter how hard you work, no matter how good your intentions, no matter what you do, it seems you are always getting the short end of the stick? Why things never seem to come easy for you, everything is a struggle, everything is hard, when others are flying by in life you are doing your very best just to survive. I’m talking about physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually, socially.  Listen If Jesus Christ had a Star, you must have one too. One star differs from another. The bible tells us in 1Cor. 15: 41 that one star differs from another star in glory. If your star is heavily loaded with glory, then get ready for battles that will leave your star with a lot of scars!


Do you often look at your life and think that you were destined for so much more? Destined for so much more than your job, than your income, or than your relationship that you are in? The Lord showed me that your enemies have seen your star, they saw the great destiny that belonged to you, and they swapped it for their own benefit. But I want to let you know that God is coming for you and He’s going to rescue you and restore you to your original name, your original purpose and your original destiny. Yes because you have determined to fight and not give up, there must be justice for you.


Today we discovered this is exactly what happened to Jacob. A man with a great destiny from God, but because an evil relative saw his star ahead of time, he swapped his identity, he swapped his star and gave him a false name instead. One that led to misfortune and bad luck. Instead of prospering like the prince that he was, he was forced to work hard labor for his uncle Laban for 20 years. He had to struggle for every thing that he got, nothing came easy to him. Life was hard. Because when they see your star, you must be ready to fight. Jacob fought for his destiny. It started in the womb when he held onto Esau’s heel as he was being born. And because he was the second born, by law of nature he was preferred second. But something in him was always telling him that he was destined for so much more. He could not accept his current situation, his spirit was reaching further for greater things, his star was trying to call for him to get connected.


Child Of God,  I see the life you are living right now is the complete opposite of what you are supposed to be doing. You’ve been stuck in quite a number of things in your life , you’ve been stuck in a financial situation and it’s just become a way of life that society wants you to accept, but something deep down inside of you keeps crying out for more. You know you were created for better, you know you are destined for greater things! It’s because that’s not the real you! No your identity was swapped. Somebody saw your star, they saw your favor, they saw your prosperity and they swapped it for themselves. That is why you can never be comfortable with your life because something deep down keeps shouting out that this is not the real you.


But I’m so glad that you’re connecting with me for this 7 Days of Commanding Your Star To Shine, because everything in your life is about to change as you begin to break free from these chains. Yes your destiny was swapped through demonic manipulation when somebody saw your star and they saw what you would become, but in the name of Jesus you are about to rediscover your purpose in life. Yes God is about to reveal to you a purpose, He is about to reveal to you a lifestyle that you have never seen before; He is about to reveal to you good things that you have never seen before. You’re about to uncover your real identity. You’re about to discover your purpose. You’re not a failure; you’re not a reject; you’re not a disappointment; you’re not a beggar. No you are a Royal

Child Of God,I see somebody somewhere they saw your star and were determined to do whatever possible to mess up your family. You should be much farther ahead in life and yet you are where you are. But right now I declare that anything trying to switch the identify of your home, of your destiny, of your financial status, I command it to die by fire! You are about to get your identity back! You are about to get your position back. You are about to go from number two to number one! Yes you are about to be the number one that you were always meant to be!


But you must be ready to fight. You must be ready to persevere. I see that within the next 12-24 months God is going to give you an opportunity to redeem yourself, to redeem your destiny. Doors are about to open up once again, the doors of favor and possibility, the doors of connection and transformation, the doors of transfiguration and prosperity, the doors of progress and productive. When those doors open you must move through them, and you must not worry about what anyone is saying. You must not worry about what anyone is trying to do, but you must be determined to lay hold of what belongs to you. You must be determined to take your destiny back. God is on your side!


For this is what the Lord says, 

Then we turned back and set out toward the wilderness along the route to the Red Sea, as the Lord had directed me. For a long time we made our way around the hill country of Seir. Then the Lord said to me, “You have made your way around this hill country long enough now turn north. (Deuteronomy 2:1-3)

This was Moses speaking to the children of Israel when God commanded a shift in season. He told them to go North. But how would they know which direction to take for there were no compasses in those days? The only way they knew how to go north was by following the stars. It was the North Star. When the North star arises, you begin to head towards your destiny. You begin to come out of every circles of stagnation and delay. You begin to move forward. Yes I saw the North Star beginning to shine over your life.

Child Of God,  You must get ready to fight,  I saw God giving you supernatural strength to fight all your battles. I saw your heavily star loaded with glory. Thats why special anointing is needed for the battles that wants to leave your star with scars.

Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight ( Psalms 144) 

I have special Anointing Oil Called Breakthrough Oil, Which I have prepered with special oil that warriors in Bible times used to anointing themselves before going to the battles.  You will need some too use when you are praying the prayer points. Check your prayer agreement form on how to get some.



Child Of God, You must join me live every night from 7PM GMT. We start with a powerful Prayer session, TODAY WITH THIS EMAIL I HAVE INCLUDED 17 BRAND NEW POWERFUL PRAYER POINTS TO DESTROY EVERY EVIL GATHERING AGAINST YOUR STAR. We must pray them together at exactly 7:15pm. You must connect with me live, you can register to watch Live for Free at Once you register you will receive a notification when I will be coming out live.



I want you also to send me your prayer request on a daily basis according to the revelations that God will give me, I will print them out and spread them before the Lord at the Altar. The other thing I want you to do is a noble thing. This type of conference requires a lot of resources. From building, light, staff all way to printing ink and papers. It will be the right thing before God and Man that you play your part and give a missionary offering and look out for special opportunities from Heaven when it comes to divine instruction concerning seed sowing. Remember it takes a lot of time and resources to be able to minister to you daily.


For this special conference the spirit of the Lord spoke particularly about a Daily Offering of Agreement concerning your star (according to Matthew 18:18-19) I have a special team ready to pray and help 24 Hours everyday;  so we can help you to get your breakthrough, Each day of this conference I asked the Holy Spirit to speak to Specific  Faithful special people, and I feel in my spirit that you could be one of them today who will sow a Special Missionary Seed of £18.00 or £180.00 Today to Support our Prayerlines, Internet & Television Outreach Ministry (According to Matthew 18:18-19) as a seed of agreement THAT YOUR STAR MUST COME OUT OF THE PIT!

Child Of God, I know you want to help and tap into this anointing, so will you give your offering Today? Give what you can afford; there is never a seed too big or too small in support of the prophetic ministry. And today when you Submit Your Prayer Agreement Form And Your Missionary Offering.  You will receive an Immediate Download 20 Powerful Prayer Point On Commanding Your Star To Come Out Of The Pit  (Please check your email, it will be emailed to you immediately upon receipt of your donation)




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People aren’t taking any chances. Hear what others are saying, they are determined for their star to shine!

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Yours In Prophecy

Prophet Climate

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Day 5 : The Chains Are Broken….. RECEIVE THIS PROPHECY FOR YOU!

School of Prophecy

The Chains Are Broken! The Chains Were Holding It But Now It’s Free…”

“Parcels! Parcels! Parcels!…”

“House Number 9 Freedom!…”


Dear Child Of God

Last night was another night of prophecy, as the spirit of prophecy moved upon the congregation and people began to speak the utterances of God. Tonight there was one particular theme going throughout the house and it was the “Chains Are Broken”. As one after another began to speak, there was a cry of release, a sound of freedom, a sound of chains being broken.

Remember a prophesy is to edify and build up the church. It’s not just for one person to receive, but for many. So even if you weren’t able to attend in person, you can still be able to receive what God has for you.

The Bible says in Numbers 11:29 that Moses desired that all men would prophesy. And we read in 1 Corinthians 14:1 that we are to earnestly desire the gifts, ESPECIALLY the gift of prophesy. This is to let us know that there is no limit to what you can receive from God, it’s all according to your desire. For if any of you lack, you should ask God who gives liberally to all men. (James 1:5)

Child Of God,  God is doing something new, he wants to take us to another level, he wants to open up His divine will and purpose upon your life so that you can know and be sure of exactly what you are supposed to be doing. This is what has people going crazy year after year because they feel they are on t, e great circle of life ever running but never getting anywhere. This is why the fortune telling industry is a multi billion dollar industry, because everyone wants to know their future. And this is why many souls have been lost and abused and taken advantage of by false prophets because they make themselves vulnerable by seeking out any person that attempts to speak over their life. But God has something much more better for you! We came to realize that you yourself can earnestly desire this gift of prophesy, so that you yourself can prophesy over your life. You can know the plans of God for your life. No more walking in the dark.

Then you will experience this in your life, “Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left.” (Isaiah 30:21). It’s time for you to build up your life based on the heavenly will. It’s time to build up your children, it’s time to build up your family. It’s time to go to a new level that God has for you.


I hope you were able to watch, if not please check on my Facebook for a limited time you can still catch the recap. You truly had to be there to experience the move of God. We are witnessing what it says in the book of Joel 2:28 “And afterward I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”

Child Of God, Below are some of the prophecies that came forth. These are also for you to receive and lay hold on.

“House number 9, Freedom!”  – If you are living in house number 9, freedom has been proclaimed for you.

“Parcels! Parcels! Parcels!” – One woman saw many parcels coming to the saints of God. These are blessings, breakthroughs, favors, and even physical parcels of documents, status, good news, money, and much more! Receive that in Jesus name

“The chains were holding it, but now it’s free”

In addition to this there was multiple prophecies that kept repeating itself through many different people, all of them having to do with a sacrificial seed, that is a sacrificial seed to be given to the man of God in exchange for the blessing. For you have a divine calling, you have a divine destiny, and you need it to be activated. Just like Abraham released the blessing upon Isaac and Isaac released the blessing upon Jacob, there are some people that God wants to transfer the anointing upon my life to you. When Jacob went to receive the blessing from his father, he didn’t come empty handed. The Bible says that a meal was prepared and Jacob brought it to him. There was an exchange taking place. Prophecy is what opens up your destiny. It’s what unlocks your future. It’s what changes you into the man or the woman you are supposed to be. 

One woman heard three specific names. Stephanie, Amir, and Rose. If one of those names means anything to you or relates to you anyway then know this word was for you. You will know that it’s for you. There is already a confirmation in your spirit. But what God is saying is to not delay. You must make that sacrificial seed before the end of 21 days. Before January 21, you must present your sacrificial offering to the man of God for your destiny to be changed. Remember that prophecy is not just for one person but for many, even if your name is not one of the three above, you can still move upon it. Since yesterday there is a sense of urgency, every prophecy is coming with an urgency to ‘act quickly and to not delay”. For in this 21 days there is a window of opportunity that has opened up for all those willing to take advantage of it.

Child Of God, Right now I want you to get yourself ready, today we are beginning to discover the 7 Pillars of Wisdom. Up to now it has just been an unveiling of what God is getting ready to do in the body of Christ. We are going back to the original gospel, it’s all about Jesus being glorified and things being done right, His way, in His church. Continue to send me your prayer requests of which areas you need God to grant you wisdom and understanding.

I have been impressing daily not to write any New Years Resolution or not to make any plans for the year 2018. You must wait until the 7th day is over. You must wait until the final downloading of His divine will and purpose is done in your life. After this 7 days, you will know exactly what you are to do, and from there you can plan your way. 

 Yesterday we witnessed an outpouring of His spirit according to Joel 2:28 “And afterward I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” Today I want you to submit your prayer request for Day 5 and believe God that He’s going to pour out His Spirit on you. He is no respecter of persons, the only requirement is faith. Go ahead and do it now!

To Submit Your Day 5 Prayer Agreement Form For Spirit Of Prophesy

Please Click Here 


Today you need to join me for DAY 5 21 Day Daniel Fasting and Wisdom Conference and Strategic Prayers. You can’t afford to continue in 2018 without the wisdom of God this is crucial to your success in every area of your life. Tomorrow I am going to unlock the secrets about the ancient Pillars and wisdom and be able to impart some more wisdom into your lives.

Call Now 24/7 Prayer & Deliverance  Hotline Tel: +44 207 738 3668 

During this week’s Power Wisdom Conference requires a few instructions that you must follow; 

1.) You have to be here physically We have 7 days and you have to tarry here to receive the wisdom of God as there are things you need to learn and things that we need to exercise. If you live remotely, in the UK, surrounding areas make extra effort to be here on time for these 7 days only.   

2.) Remember we are doing 21 Daniel Fasting according to the book of Daniel 1:8-16 for 21 days straight. That means you can eat any time of the day but No Fish, No Sea Food, No Chicken, No Meat and no alcohol is Allowed. Start all over again if you break.  

3.) Invest In a Notebook that you can get to write in this week as I take you through the ancient pillars of wisdom. 

4.) Don’t write down any New Years Resolutions. Don’t write anything for 2018 until we reach the 6th day and I give you the final instructions. 

5.) Connect with me on a daily basis on email, across my social media, even connect and call our TKC Prayer Centre. Do all that you can within this week as I share with you, as this is the wisdom that you need to be able to connect with. 

 Remember we are doing Daniel Fasting according to the book of Daniel 1:8-16 for 21 days straight. That means you can eat any time of the day but No Fish, No Sea Food, No Chicken, No Meat and no alcohol is Allowed. This is a Special Cleansing Fast that God has instructed me for us to do it at the beginning of this year. (And if you eat meat or consume alcohol by mistake you must begin the 21 days fasting all over again).


1. There will be spiritual Clearance and Cleansing For 2018

2. Good Health Every sickness and Diseases must leave your body (Healing for 2018)

3. Favour, Everywhere You Go. I see Favour and God’s Glory with you this year

4. Divine Wisdom, Power and energy to accomplish all that you need to accomplish for 2018


Please Remember to download your Daily teaching and listen again to discover what God is doing in your life.


From Prophet Climate

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How Get To Rid of Bad Luck

How Getting Rid of Bad Luck


  • If you are experiencing bad luck in your personal life, burn the incense at home. Carry the incense from one room to the next, letting the scented smoke fill all four corners of your home.
  • If you are experiencing bad luck at work, burn the incense in your office.


Declutter your home.

Living in an untidy home can block God from visiting your home  and protecting you from your enemies,  it also blocks positive energies from flowing through the house and create negative feelings and bad luck. This simple action can give you renewed energy and empower you to change your luck from bad to good.

“Choose a place outside the camp for a latrine. Include a spade among your equipment so that when you squat to relieve yourself, you can dig a hole and then cover your excrement. For the Lord your God is on the move within your camp to deliver you and to hand your enemies over to you. Therefore, your camp must be holy so that he will not see anything indecent among you and turn away from you.” (Deuteronomy 23:12-14) 

  • Start by decluttering your home – remove any unwanted or disused items and throw them away. Then give your house a thorough cleaning – clearing cobwebs and removing dust. 
  • Then Sanctify your house or office with Holy Water which has hyssop in it to cleanse your house ( CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR HOLY WATER ) 
  • Remove any idols and strange carvings that you may have received as gift or bought as souvenirs 
  • Most time bad luck arrives into someone life through gifts and souvenirs, If there is any that you have no peace with it through it , but burn it with fire  ( Bring it to Fire service at Bishop Climate Ministries  at the Last Friday of The Month) 
  • Try rearranging your furniture, to improve the flow of energy and repaint your walls to bring new life to your living space.
  • Try speak Positive affirmation  (PRAYERS ) and burning incense while you work and leave all of the doors and windows open to let the sunshine in – this will encourage positive energy to flow into your renewed living space. ( DOWNLOAD FREE PRAYER FOR CLEANSING HERE ) 





*** Where it Involves heavy duty spiritual Interference with your life, such as Jinns, Sorcery, Also involves your business, your position  and other very important things that you need Higher authority spiritual help and you need urgent help, Please fill free to book a consultation with me, I can either speak to you and advice you or do the cleansing for you. All possible for more information  use the form below to book your consultation : 

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Watch This Powerful Video Of Testimony

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