Day 6 : Today Is Our Final Day In Israel…Don’t Be Left Behind! The Anointing Of Resurrection Is Here… Click Now!

Today Is Our Final Day In Israel…Don’t Be Left Behind! The Anointing Of Resurrection Is Here… Click Now!


Hi Child of God, 

Today was so amazing, when we visited Bethlehem, we went underground into the cave. Our tour guide told me that he doesn’t usually bring people here, but because he could tell I was a special person, he felt that we should come and see this place. 

All throughout the trip I had been wanting to visit both the Shepherds Field (where the shepherds received the good news of the Messiah) and the Field of Boaz. Only to realise that they are one in the same. 

This cave was where the shepherds lived, the same shepherds who were the first to hear the good news about the Messiah (Luke 2:8-10). But it also belongs to the field of Boaz, where Ruth received good news that she would be married again. After Ruth’s husband died, being childless for 10 years, she accompanied her mother in law Naomi and came back to this area. It was from this place that she received the good news about marriage, it was in this place that she became the great grandmother of David.

This same field was also the field where David was tending the sheep when Prophet Samuel called for him. And it is not coincidence, that when Jesus was about to be born, the good news was declared here first. This is where, when one of the shepherds came out and saw the bright light, he ran in and said GOOD NEWS! This was the place from where angels proclaimed good news. 

When I was standing in this place, suddenly I realised it is a field of good news. That is why today I proclaim good news upon your life. I proclaim good news upon your business, upon your marriage, upon your destiny. Good will upon all men. Today I declare good will. Good will is more than good luck because good will means it’s a purpose of goodness in your life.  May you receive financial good news. From today, tap into that anointing, the anointing of good news. Marriage good news, career good news, destiny good news. In Jesus name. 

I want you to know that I brought your prayer request here today and I lifted up your name before the Lord and declared good news. Yes and today something so amazing happened, as I was picking up the dust from the ground and using it to anoint people’s faces, the dust was just instantly being absorbed into the skin. It was weird. The place was so charged spiritually, I could feel something in my feet. And I believe something has happened. I have collected some dust of Good news for you. Please you need to connect with me so I can send you some. 


Child of God today ! Today ! is our Last Day and we are going straight to Golgotha and the Tomb of Resurrection. This is none other but the place where Jesus died and was raised back to life. The promise of eternal life fulfilled. His redemptive power at work. 

The day after the Sabbath day was the first day of the week. That day at dawn Mary Magdalene and the other woman named Mary went to look at the tomb. Suddenly an angel of the Lord came from the sky, and there was a huge earthquake. The angel went to the tomb and rolled the stone away from the entrance. Then he sat on top of the stone. The angel was shining as bright as lightning. His clothes were as white as snow. The soldiers guarding the tomb were very afraid of the angel. They shook with fear and then became like dead men. The angel said to the women, “Don’t be afraid. I know you are looking for Jesus, the one who was killed on the cross. But he is not here. He has risen from death, as he said he would. Come and see the place where his body was. And go quickly and tell his followers, ‘Jesus has risen from death. He is going into Galilee and will be there before you. You will see him there.’” Then the angel said, “Now I have told you.”(Matt 28: 1-7) 

Today  the Lord has instructed me that I must go bring your prayer request with me and lay it inside the tomb of Jesus. Yes I’m going to lay your prayer request in the same place where his body was raised from the dead. As I do that, the same power that quickened Christ Jesus from the dead will begin to quicken your mortal body (Rom 8:11)

Yes I see it will begin to quicken your finances, it will quicken your relationships, it will quicken your career, it will quicken your destiny. Yes every dead thing in your life is going to rise up. I see the resurrection power at work in you right now. Quickly I need you to send me your final prayer for Israel, for our day starts tomorrow at 6:30am sharp so this is your final and last chance! Remember to sow your seed of faith, it could be any amount as you are led by the Holy Spirit. This is your Seed of Resurrection. 

If there is any area of your life where you need God to resurrect, it could be your finances, it could be your marriage, it could be your health, tap into this resurrection power and sow according to Romans 8:11 for this same power to quicken you now in Jesus name!





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Do You Have Walls of Lack & Limitation That Need To Come Down? … YOU Won’t Want To Miss This! Click Now


Dear Child Of God, 

Today as I visited the Site of Jesus Miraculous Multiplication Miracle, I prayed for you, and I believed God that this same anointing will begin to flow into your life. As I knelt down on that holy ground, I prayed for you and I declared increase over your life. Just like God took 5 loaves of bread and two small fish and was able to feed a crowd of 5000, I declare may that same anointing of unlimited prosperity begin to operate in your life. May that same anointing that enabled Jesus to literally manifest whatever He needed, become known to you from this day on in the name of Jesus. I declare increase over your life, increase over your destiny, increase of promotion, I release the favor of God in every area of your life.

Now that we have been in Israel for a few days, we are picking up the pace, and tomorrow will be going on to one of the most important site of the whole trip. I’ve mentioned in my previous emails for you to be prepared for we will soon be going to the ruins of Jericho. This is where the walls of Jericho fell down all those years ago.

For years we have been holding the “Bringing Down The Walls of Jericho” Conference in London and it is the greatest blessing to be able to experience the real thing in Israel. To actually walk on the ruins where pure faith and obedience brought an entire nation down. It is a testimony to the Power of God that is still at work today. And right now I want you to be a part of it.

Check out these pics from our Last Trip. In the last two photos you can see me putting the prayer requests of our partners underneath the fallen rocks. Tomorrow I am going to do the same. As they remain there, every Jericho Wall in your life is falling in Jesus name! 

The Kingdom Church Jericho Walls

The Kingdom Church Jericho Walls

The Kingdom Church Jericho Walls

The Kingdom Church Jericho Walls

Read Powerful Testimonies of our Partners from their Prayers Being Placed On The Jericho Walls


“For 18 Months my supervisor humiliated me every day shouting & calling me names: I was always crying. Yesterday I put her name at Jericho Walls and I believed that my prayers will become stronger: Today this morning she handed in her letter to resign because she had a fight with the boss’s daughter at a party last night and she was beaten so badly. It’s Fire ! Fire ! Peace at Last.” – Mary, London

“Hello Prophet Climate, I have experienced attack after attack from job to job over past several years.  Have lost many very good positions because of these attacks.  I was beginning to experience the same in my current role: however, after sending in my prayer requests the other day, I awoke this very morning to a Mighty Angel hovering over my bed.  It was a beautiful sight! As if he was assigned to confirm the blessings I’m about to receive with no more delay!  God is so good to me.” – S.K., Online Partner


Child of God, There is nothing like experiencing this in person. Tomorrow we are going again to the Ruins of Jericho and I feel so strong that your prayer request needs to be here. If there is anything in your life that you need to come down, please send it to me for I must put your Jericho Walls underneath these rocks as a symbol that every Jericho wall in your life must fall down fast. It could be a financial wall, a health wall, a relationship wall, a career wall, any way that is standing between you and your Promised Land, as I lay your prayer request underneath the ruins of Jericho, that same anointing that brought down its physical walls are going to bring down your Jericho walls too! 

For tomorrow’s seed You can sow ANY AMOUNT that you can afford, what matters is that you put your faith into action. Don’t miss God. Just do what you can and God will honor your seed if you really believe. God doesn’t look at the number, He sees your heart. 



Praying for you always, 

Prophet Climate Wiseman


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Today I Took Your Prayer Requests To Mt. Carmel… And This Is What The Lord Has Said Will Happen →

Today I Took Your Prayer Requests To Mt. Carmel… And This Is What The Lord Has Said Will Happen →


Hi Child of God,

Yesterday we arrived in Israel and I have just come back from Mt Carmel, the place where Prophet Elijah and the prophets of Baal came to compete. If you sent me your prayer request already, I want you to know that today I brought your prayer request here and I laid it on this altar, believing God that every prophet of Baal in your life, every diabolical powers that your enemy is using are going to be destroyed. Yes the Lord spoke to me that not only is He going to shut those powers down, but He is also going to shut down any other ability that they have to harm you, whether it’s physical, financial, spiritual, etc. Whatever it is that your enemy has been gathering strength from in order to harm you and frustrate you, as we speak right now it’s going to be shut for good in the name of Jesus. 

Yes I declare and I decree that no matter what your enemies will do from morning to evening, let everything they do be nullified in Jesus name. Just like Prophet Elijah, may God give you victory. May you become stronger and stronger, and your enemies become weaker. But most importantly, I decree and declare that there will never come a time where your enemies will flourish and enjoy their lives while you are perishing. Today I see power changing hands.


Today as I stood on this altar I felt so strong that I must bring back a piece of rock from this altar for you as a symbol for you to remind God what he did for prophet Elijah, how he rendered the prophets of Baal helpless and powerless from morning to evening, and God will do it for you in Jesus name. 

So I want you to know that I am already here in the Promise Land. And I want to encourage you to stay connected. The Lord spoke to me before I left that this is a very special and significant trip, that as partners we are to stay connected for the next week. Every day we will be visiting a new location and there will be a specific prayer request for each area. There are 7 prayer requests that I want you to send me. Today we have just finished with Prayer Request 1 where Elijah called fire from heaven and where God defeated the prophets of Baal. Today as I laid my hand on your prayer request, I declared may the Lord defeat all your enemies in Jesus name.  

Now that we have finished with Day 1, I want you to get ready for tomorrow. It’s so important that we stay connected each and every day. Tomorrow for Day 2 we are headed to Cana and Mount Tabor (the Mount of Transfiguration). This is really significant to be visiting both of these locations in the same day because both of them represent Power to change into something from nothing. 

The wedding of Cana where Jesus turned water into wine was the setting for Jesus’ first ever public miracle. When the mother of Jesus came and told him they were all out of wine, he instructed the servants to fill the pots with water, and not to hold back, but to fill them to the brim. He was able to work with what he had, something ordinary, and turn it into something extraordinary. A similar thing happened at the Mount of Transfiguration when three disciples watched their friend Jesus literally transform before their eyes into his supernatural nature. 

Romans 4 says that ‘God calls things into existence that do not exist’. (Rom 4:17)

And in Hebrews 11, the Bible tells us that ‘Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear’. (Heb 11:3)

But what does this mean for you? This means that there is no situation you are in right now, as hard, rocky, dry, dead as it may be, that cannot turn into something beautiful, flourishing, and successful. And this is what I want for you as we visit these two locations tomorrow to believe God for us to tap into that anointing, that ability to change from nothing into something. So if there is an area of your life where you want to transform, or that you want to change, but you have been unable to do so up until now, then now is your opportunity to tap into this anointing by sending in your prayer request right away so that I can bring it with me.

Yes the Lord spoke to me that as I Lay your prayer request upon that Mount of Transfiguration, the same Mountain where an ordinary Man transformed into the likeness and the image of God himself, God is about to supernaturally transform those areas of your life so that they begin to reflect your true nature of God. Tomorrow as I lay your prayer request on that Mountain, let your poverty begin to transform into riches, let your sickness begin to transform into health, let your singleness begin to transform into marriage, let your barrenness begin to transform into fruitfulness. Let everything in your life begin to line up with God’s Good Will. 

Right now you must Send Me Your Prayer Agreement of the Areas You are Believing God To Transform. And The Lord Spoke to me that you Must Sow a Seed according to the number of your years. If you are 52, you sow a seed for £52. You can also sow a seed according to the number of years for something in specific, example the age of your child or the age of your marriage, etc.

But please don’t delay. We are starting the day Early, which means I need to have your prayer request with me. So if you have not sent me your prayer request already Click Now To Submit Your Prayer Agreement & Special Offering. 

*PLEASE READ If you have submitted your prayer request at the Pre-Israel Day Conference in London I have your prayer request already.




More Powerful Encounters To Look Out For…

We’ll be visiting the Site of Multiplication, so get ready for good things to be added into your life

We’ll be visiting the Ruins of Jericho, so get ready for every wall of limitation and strongholds to come tumbling down. 

We’ll even be going to the Springs of Elisha where he famously healed the waters of bareness, so get ready for your life to become more fruitful and productive. 

Stay Tuned For More Emails As I’ll Be Letting You Know What Type of Prayers To Send In!




Please send me your prayer request now so that I can get it printed off in time. Now that we are here in Israel we will be moving much quicker so you don’t have as much time to get your prayer requests in. We will only be visiting each place once so this will be your only chance. I’m also believing God that you will accompany this prayer request with a special offering. Pray about it and ask God, this is a special time for a special anointing; I don’t want you to miss this. 

From Prophet Climate

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